How to Wear a T-Shirt? Let Me Count These 5 Ways

A t-shirt is one of the most versatile fashion items that a girl could ever have. While it looks perfect in jeans, there are many other bottoms that will look well with a t-shirt. Let me count the ways with these tips on how to wear a t-shirt.

T-Shirt + Blazer

A t-shirt might look so plain and casual, but it can be work-friendly as long as you wear it with a blazer. After all, the blazer is the epitome of work layering. Be it oversized or structured, a blazer topper is one of the greatest ways on how to wear a t-shirt.



T-Shirt + Jumper

A jumper might be reminiscent of your youth, but it is one of the focal pieces that you need to consider especially when it comes to how to wear a t-shirt. Take cue from the iconic Olivia Palermo, who looks very fashionable in her t-shirt and jumper combo. Should you decide to go for a printed romper, make sure to pair with a plain-colored top in order to avoid the unnecessary clashing of colors.

jumper jumper-outfit

T-Shirt + Pencil Skirt

A t-shirt is a casual item, but it can look more sophisticated if you pair it with a pencil skirt. In fact, this is one of the best ways on how to wear a t-shirt at work. In case your boss is against casual Friday outfits on a Monday, you can always make your outfit more office-appropriate simply by layering it with a structured blazer (as mentioned above.)

pencil-skirt pencil-skirt-outfit

T-Shirt + Mini Skirt

Want to show your legs and still look respectable? If you know how to wear a t-shirt with a mini skirt, then you are on your way! A mini skirt can give your t-shirt a look of sophisticated sexiness. Pick an elegant mini skirt if you want to create a look that’s more elegant than casual. Wear this outfit with sexy shoes for a va-va-voom look!

mini-skirt-outfit mini-skirt

T-Shirt + Pleated Skirt

It’s fall already and the temperatures can get really chilly. For these days, wearing your shirt with a mini skirt is somehow unadvisable. However, if you want to achieve a girly-girl look without freezing your legs out, then one of the ways how to wear a t-shirt is to pair it with your favorite pleated skirt. You can achieve a glamorous look by wearing your favorite stiletto heels, or a casual feel by wearing your outfit with your white Stan Smiths.

pleated-skirt pleated-skirt-outfit

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