How to Wear a Statement Necklace with your Favorite Sweater

A sweater and a necklace is a timeless combination. It’s perfect for work, as it is perfect for play. Be able to elevate the fashion ante even more with these tips on how to wear a statement necklace with your favorite sweater.

Sweater and a Collared Top

Layering your collared top and your sweater is a great way to style up for the office. While you’re at it, why not slip a fashion necklace underneath the collar as well?

sweater, shirt and necklace

bib necklace over sweater and button down

Textured Sweater

A textured sweater is an eye-grabbing garment by itself, but it wouldn’t hurt to style it more with a statement necklace. Find an accessory that complements your sweater and it will magnify your style a hundred times.

lace sweater and pearl necklace chunky sweater and necklace

Printed Sweater

Just because you’re wearing a printed sweater doesn’t mean you can’t wear a statement necklace. It wouldn’t clash or make your outfit look ‘busy.’ With the right matching, you can rock print on print like a pro. Of course, remember to choose a complementing yet eye-catching necklace for maximum style effect.

printed top with necklace printed sweater and necklace

Turtleneck Sweater

A turtleneck sweater is one of the best tops to wear during the cold seasons. So while the winter air is still here, make the most out of your turtleneck sweater by wearing it with a beautiful statement necklace.
black turtleneck with necklace layersblack turtleneck and chain necklace

Plunging Neckline Sweater

A sweater with a plunging neckline is a sexy top – regardless of your bust size. While it’s made to show your bosom, you might think of wearing it to a ‘formal’ location, such as the office. So if you want to look respectable even with half of your bosom showing out, then make sure to wear a great statement necklace. Your statement accessory will surely draw attention away from your chest.

plunging neckline sweater dress

Plunging Back Sweater

If you don’t dare to wear a plunging neckline sweater, you have another sexy alternative – the plunging back sweater. Since the back is bare for the world to see, it’s best embellished with a statement necklace. Of course, the key is to wear it in reverse. With a plunging back sweater, you don’t have to worry about fashion codes. After all, it’s not that revealing as a plunging neckline sweater.

open back sweater with necklace backless sweater with necklace

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