How to Wear a Silk Scarf

A silk scarf is a great accessory to have on when you want something that will bring a sophisticated vibe to your look. Unlike the traditional cold weather scarves, silk scarves are much lighter and less warmer which means that you can wear them during the warmer days of spring and summer. Just like the regular scarf, though, there are plenty of ways that you can wear a silk scarf. If you’re curious, check out these ideas on how to wear a silk scarf, be it for the summer, spring, fall or winter.

  • LOOSE ON THE NECK – the easiest way to wear a silk scarf is to simply wear it loose around your neck. You can drape it over plainly or drape it then belt it for extra security. Another style would be to have it once around your neck for a laidback and casual look. It’s a great way to look chic without looking like you’re trying too hard.

loosely tied around the neck

loose around the neck

  • NECKERCHIEF STYLE – some silk scarves are much smaller and shorter compared to regular scarves and if these are what you have, you can wear them like a neckerchief instead. This style is great during the slightly colder months when you want to keep your neck warm.

neckerchief silk scarf neckerchief style silk scarf

  • LIKE A BELT – don’t feel like wearing your scarf like a scarf today? You can still have it incorporated in your outfit by wearing it like a belt. This works great on jeans with belt loops on them, even if you don’t need the support to pull your pants up. It’s also fabulous for adding a generous splash of color to a plain and simple dress.

belt on jeans silk scarf belted dress outfit

  • AS A CHIC NECKTIE – love the posh vibe you get from a necktie but think it’s too formal for the casual look you’re going for? Wear a silk scarf instead. The great thing about silk scarves is that they’re so thin and light, you can tie them any way you want and that includes being able to tie it around your neck like a necktie.

necktie style scarf tying necktie style isla fisher scarf necktie style

  • ACCESSORY TO AN ACCESSORY – silk scarves are so versatile, you can wear them as they are, wear them like accessories or like accessories for your accessories. Aside from draping your scarf and wearing it around your neck, you can also use it to dress up plain and simple accessories like hats and bags. Just tie it around a cute little wide-brimmed hat for a gorgeous addition to your beach look or around the handle of your purse to add a hint of sophistication.

silk scarf on a bag silk scarf on a hat

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