How to Wear a Matching Set

Matching sets are one of summer’s hottest and most stylish trends. For girls like me who always get so lazy thinking about what to wear, these are great. Matching sets are effortlessly chic but ultra stylish. Wear everything in the set together for a beautiful statement look or mix and match what you have with other stuff in your closet for more interesting results. If you’re thinking about getting on with the trend, check out these tips on how to wear a matching set.

  • CLASSIC BASIC – not sure if you can pull off a matching set without making it look like you’re throwing it back to the 90s? Try the basic but classic combo of a shirt and skirt combo. It’s simple enough for everyone to pull off but it still has that super chic and stylish vibe to it. You can add accessories to your look, too, if you find it a little too plain or you can keep it like it is if what you’re going for is the minimalistic look.

basic skirt and shirt set

basic matching set

  • FULLY MONOCHROMATIC – remember when having everything in your outfit match one another was so cool? A little while after that, the look became an almost fashion faux pas but now it’s back again and there’s no better time to wear it than now. Pick accessorize that match your matching set very closely, if not exactly, to pull off the look.

matching gray set with purse and shoes matching red set and accessories

  • CROP TOP SET – this is one of the best ways to wear a matching set today. It has a nice, modern / now look to it and it’s very chic too. Take inspiration from Taylor Swift and go with a crop top and a high waisted skirt set or get a little sporty chic and go for an athletic crop top and shorts set then finish it off with sneakers.

crop top and shorts in hot pink crop top outfit matching set

  • PRINTED – think plain matching sets are boring? Wear them printed and you’ll see just how fun matching sets can be! I personally like printed matching sets better because they’re a lot more interesting for the eyes and wearing the right print on your outfit can cover a multitude of flaws which is an easy fix for those who have problem areas.

printed matching set in black and white printed matchng set

  • MISMATCHED – if you’ve got a collection of matching sets and you’re starting to get bored of them, why not spice things up a little bit and wear a mismatched combo? It’s a more fun alternative to the traditional matching set and it’s a great excuse to try the print on print trend as well.

mismatched prints outfit


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