How to Wear a Hi Low Skirt

An interesting silhouette, a unique look – these are just some of the things fashionistas love about a good hi low skirt. It’s super cute and quite versatile, too. You can wear a hi low skirt with just about anything and create different looks with it. No matter what you personal style preference is, I’m pretty sure hi low skirt or two will fit right in along with all the other stuff in your wardrobe. In case you’re interested in giving this skirt style a shot, check out these tips on how to wear a hi low skirt.

  • FRILLY WITH RUFFLES – love getting dolled up for your everyday street style looks? Achieve a super cute and whimsical look by opting for a hi lo skirt with ruffle details on it. Give yourself that fairytale princess vibe by opting for a hi lo skirt with ruffles all over or opt for something simple and subtle just to add more depth and dimension to your look.

ruffles on high low wedding gown

ruffles on sheer skirt ruffles and eyelet details on hi low skirt

  • SUBTLY SEXY – the hi low skirt is perfect for creating a look that’s sweet with just the right hint of subtle sexiness, thanks to its miniskirt-like front and uniquely interesting long back. Give it a little bit more of the sexy vibe by wearing it with a bodycon top, a corset or a body hugging crop top. This is a super chic look that’s guaranteed to make you look like the vixen that you are.

sexy and sweet lookcute crop top and hi low skirt combo sexy street style look

  • LAYERED FOR FALL – think hi low skirts are only for spring and summer? Think again! Hi low skirt are actually great for fall and winter as well, just make sure that you have your legs covered to keep them from getting cold. You can do this by pairing up your hi low skirt with a pair of over the knee or thigh-high boots (for a cool and edgy look) or by layering it with a pair of tights underneath.

boots and tights boots with hi low wrap around

  • SIMPLE EVERYDAY OUTFIT – think the hi low skirt is too much of a creative detail to add to your usual casual everyday look? No worries. If you don’t want to risk going over the top with your hi low skirt, you can always pair it up with your everyday basics like a plain tee or a button up shirt. This combo makes for a fun everyday outfit idea. You can also dress it up just a bit more by adding layers.

basic outfit street style basic casual look


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