How to Wear a Bustier Top

Crop tops were one of last year’s hottest summer trends and this year fashionistas are taking it even further by switching crop tops up with bustier tops. They’re bolder, sexier and fiercer which is what everyone wants for summer. Check out these cool ideas on how to wear a bustier top in case you plan on adding a few of them in your summer wardrobe.

  • Cage style – you know how sexy those cage style bondage bikinis are, right? Well, since it would be too sexy to wear those with your street style outfits, why not wear cage style bustier tops instead? They offer a bit more coverage compared to their bikini counterpart but they’re still super hot and sexy.

cute cage style bustier

cage style bustier top

  • Lace – if you’re looking for the perfect combination between sweet and sexy, try wearing a lace bustier top with a flirty and flouncy skirt (like a full skirt or a skater skirt). This would make a really chic outfit for a date out with your guy. If you think it’s too sexy for a daytime date, you can always throw on a blazer or a jacket on top to get more coverage.

blue lace bustier top sheer lace bustier top

  • Studded – studded bustier tops just scream sexy rocker chic. Pair them up with some sexy skinny jeans and you got yourself the perfect outfit for your favorite band’s concert! To give this outfit a more feminine twist, you can wear stilettos with it but if you want to go full on with the rocker chic look, you can wear biker or moto boots instead.

studded bustier and skirt coordinates spiky studs bustier top

  • Floral – floral print everything is super hot for summer so why not wear a floral bustier top? It’s another great way to combine both sweet and sexy looks into one. A floral bustier top, though, has a bit more of a sweet, feminine look to it more than a sexy vibe so it’s great for all the girly girls out there who just want to get a bit of the ‘sexy summer babe’ look.

chic floral print bustier top zip up floral bustier

  • Leather – now, on the other hand, if you want to up your sexy summer game and do a really sexy, sultry look, you can wear a leather bustier top instead. Not a lot of women will be brave enough to wear a leather bustier top because it’s a bit too sex kitten-ish but if you’re confident enough, you should definitely give it a try. Just wear them with something more ‘conservative’ down below like a maxi skirt or probably cute palazzo pants if you don’t want the look to get too sultry.

black leather bustier sexy leather bustier top leather zip up bustier

Street style fashion ideas with bustier top for your inspiration:

crop top white and pink white bustier top leather bustier top black bustier top and skirt bustier top and midi skirt bustrier top trend bustier top and kimono


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