How to wear a beanie -18 stylish ideas

How to wear a beanie ?Here you will find 18 stylish  and inspirational ways to wear a beanie!

Cat ear beanie

cat ear beanie

Beanies are the typical hat for cold weather, but if you know how to wear a beanie, you
can still look young and stylish wearing this hat. To make the beanie look sophisticated
with style wear this hat in a manner that will emphasize on the style that you want
instead of being practical. If you want to look younger with your beanie, choose bright
colors and prints. This will definitely make you look less chic. Brown, white, black, tan or
gray will work best and if you want something more versatile choose neutral colors. You
can also choose a classic color, blue or red or neon shades.

how to wear a  beanie

A beanie will look great on you if you know the proper way on how to wear a beanie. For
a casual everyday look, keep the hat over your forehead. Position your beanie a little
over the eyebrows, make sure that the sides will come down over your ears. Putting
your beanie all the way down is not a good idea. Rather, make it a little bit loose on top
and back. Put your bangs underneath the hat particularly if it is flat or greasy.

crochet beanie

To add a twist to your everyday look wearing the beanie hat. It is best that you wear the
hat over your forehead fold it a little bit in the back. The style known as Peter Pan can
cause the beanie to position it a little bit higher on the head and should keep off your
neck. Your ears will be partly covered by the beanie hat. It will work perfectly well with
both revealed bangs and hidden bangs.

Cute outfit with black pom pom beanie

cute outfit and beanie

Some more inspirational ideas on how to wear a beanie..

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