How to Update Old and Plain Hats

Hats are a great addition to any look. They give off a very chic and sophisticated vibe and they’re a great protection against the sun. Talk about multitaskers! I personally think hats don’t get often enough. Sure, you’d see loads of them at the beach but not so much with everyday looks, even from the most stylish fashion girls. If you’ve got hats that you haven’t worn for a long time, there’s no better time to start wearing them again than now. Here are some ideas on how to update old and plain hats.

  • DYE THEM ANOTHER COLOR – if you’ve had that white hat forever and you just don’t get excited about wearing it with your outfits anymore, why not dye another color and breathe new life into it? Take advantage of springtime and try a bright new color or go for a lighter neutral color to make it ready for any season and any look.

colorful pink hat

colorful yellow hat

  • EMBROIDER IT – another way to add more personality to a plain hat or an old one is to embroider cute new designs on it. Embroidery takes up quite some time, especially if you’re new at it so if you’re not that patient or if you haven’t acquired this skill yet, you can always buy embroidery patches with designs and just sew them on. You can also monogram your hat to add a bit of a personal touch to it.

embroidered floral hat embroidered monogram straw hat

  • TIE A RIBBON AROUND IT – you see those gorgeous oversized floppy hats at the beach all the fab fashionistas have? If you’re loaded with cash, you can get those from your favorite stores, even from designer brands but if you’re strapped for cash, just take your old wide brim hat and tie a ribbon around it yourself. You can get the same look for half (or less) the price. You can get the same look for half (or less) the price.

ribbon on hat crown

  • BEDAZZLE IT – you’ve always loved all thing fab and glam so why not bedazzle an old hat and give it a gorgeous new look? You could wear it to add some serious fun and bling to your look or to simply spice up a rather plain and boring one.

bedazzled beanie bedazzled baseball cap

  • EMBELLISH IT – if you’re not into bedazzled stuff, you can always try out other embellishments as well. Fake flowers on hats look cute for spring and summer. You can try beading your hat, adding sequins to it, sewing buttons on to it or whatever else you want to add to it or embellish it with.

embellished floral hat embellished hat

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