How to Style Your Vests with Masha Sedgwick

Vests are one of the most stylish outerwear you may opt for to create your fashionable looks. Masha Sedgwick, her real name Mary Astor, is a fashion blogger from Berlin known for her chic but edgy grunge, rock-and-roll style. Since her hometown Berlin has a minimalist style, she created multiple looks that influenced by her upbringing and personality. Keep on reading for styling inspirations on how to wear your vests.

Sporty Style

denim vest with shorts and sneakers

sporty jersey with denim vest and baseball cap

Women’s vests range from edgy denim to preppy sweater vests, pretty sequin to casual knit vests. Like Masha, you can create your effortless and cool looks by teaming your vests with sporty pieces. Wearing your denim vest with a sporty jersey and baseball cap with edgy tights can be great, as well as denim shorts and canvas sneakers. When going for a denim-on-denim look, keep everything sleek and polished so you will look effortlessly cool yet stylish.

Bohemian Style

boho festival outfit with studded sandals oversized boho vest with skinny jeans

Trade your crochet kimonos to stylish vest for adding some flair to your bohemian style. Like Masha, spice up your festive outfit with a boho-inspired necklace and strappy sandals, or keep your casual outfit a bit festive with an oversized-boho vest that will do the tricks for you.

Modern Classic Style

culottes with leather vest and cropped sweater vest with wide leg pants slouchy pants with structured vest

Look glamorous and expensive with a pair of tailored trousers and chic tops. If you’re an office gal, then consider adding floor-length fashion vests to your wardrobe preferably in black, charcoal gray, or navy blue that will add some flair to your office looks. A vest in a lightweight fabric is also perfect for the warmer months.

Casual Chic Style

denim vest with white dress striped bandeau top with chic vest and cuffed jeans

A vest can dress up or dress down your outfit and adjust it to a semi-formal to a casual setting. Like Masha, wear a denim vest with your white dress if you feel it’s too formal for a street style. Or, add some polish to your crop top and casual jeans like Masha did. This way, you’ll add a modern twist to your street style with personality.

Grunge Style

acid washed denim shorts with vest grunge outfit with vest and mocassins grunge outfit with gray vest

The signature style of Masha, a grunge look can be great to express your tough girl vibe. Plaid shirts, ripped jeans, graphic tees and such are some of Masha’s favorites you may think of incorporating to your style. Just polish your looks with studded shoes, spiked bags, and grunge accessories that will complete the grunge statement you’re aiming for.

Edgy Style

leather trousers with abstract orint top and denim vest leather dress with vest

Leather may be the edgiest fabric you may think of, but vests can add some flair to your looks. Like Masha, transition your office outfit to street style one by topping it off with a leather vest that will do the tricks for you. Or, simply opt for tuxedo vests or biker vest that will complete your edgy statement. Indeed, vests are a must-have for every woman seeking to get chameleon looks effortlessly.

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