How to Style Your Slip Dress as Daywear

There are so many ’90s looks that’s been coming around like slip dresses that are now worn by fashion-forward women in the streets. Originally intended to be slept in, wearing a slip dress in public can be quite daunting. Though having a confidence is the main key to pulling off your outfits, keep on reading for our styling tricks to wear slip dress as a daywear.

  1. Wear it in a minimalist style.

black slip dress with ankle strap shoes

slip-dress-with-nude-sandals black slip dress with gladiator flats black slip dress with espadrilles black slip dress with birkenstocks and hat

A slip dress is generally simple and plain in its design, so you may intentionally wear them on the streets in a minimalist style. Just keep everything simple so as not to look too provocative or overwhelming. You can also try to incorporate slip dresses on your monochromatic outfits. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, you may go for a slip dress in midi length to keep it demure and chic. Finish your outfit with a pair of strappy sandals, dainty gold necklace, and a structured bag. Espadrilles, Birkenstock sandals, loafers, ankle strap and such can be a great footwear selection too.

  1. Create a sporty-chic look with a slip dress and sneakers.

white slip dress with sneakers metallic silver slip dress with sneakers black slip dress with sneakers

If you’re tired of wearing your sweatshirts and jogger pants with your sneakers, then trade them with your chic slip dress that will create an unexpected sporty-chic look. A black or white slip dress can be complemented by a pair of white canvas sneakers, but to keep it modern, go with the metallic silver shade that Chiara Ferragni did. Just polish your looks by teaming your metallic silver slip dress, a pair of gray sneakers, and a structured bag.

  1. Top your slip dress with a cardigan, blazer, or jacket.

black robe with slip dress and gray boots white slip dress with knitted cardigan slip dress with cardigan and mules pastel slip dress with cardigan slip dress with knitsleather jacket with slip dress

To look demure on your daytime looks, wear a slip dress with stylish outerwear like a cardigan, blazer, jacket, or even coat. If you are aiming for a casual look with slip dress, go for a more casual jacket like denim or leather ones. On the other hand, a sleek blazer will be great when you’re going for formal attire. However, that doesn’t mean wearing slip dresses to conservative offices can be appropriate at all times so don’t sacrifice your image for the sake of style and trends. If you want to and your office is okay with it, you can wear slip dress for work as your underneath layer that will make it an appropriate office outfit. This way, you can create a sleek work outfit that will blend your slip dress perfectly.

  1. Wear some under layer with your slip dress.

pants with slip dress slip dress with tee and jeans slip dress with animal print top and jacket

Since wearing lots of layers is a major trend nowadays, you may wear your slip dress as an outer layer and wear a tee, jeans, skinny pants, printed top and such beneath your dress. It adds a mod-style essence into the outfit that makes it a throwback outfit. Just go for edgy ankle boots and clogs to make your outfit edgy and fashion-forward.

  1. Create party-ready looks with your slip dress.

red carpet slip dressgold slip dress with statement footwear cobalt blue slip dress with ankle strap sandals black slip dress with lace up shoes

Lastly, you can create a party-ready look with your slip dress perfect not only in daytime but also in the evenings. There are many slip dresses that are made of silky and glossy fabrics that don’t need to wear a lot of accessories just to spice up your outfit. Think of cobalt blue, chocolate brown, burgundy, gold, black, and pastel pink to look feminine, elegant, and sexy on your upcoming party.

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