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How to Style Your Pixie Cut While Growing it Out

Getting a pixie cut takes courage, especially if you’ve always had long hair and you’re getting a chop for the first time in a long while. Sticking to your pixie is a challenge, sure, but as you go along, you’ll find ways to style it and make it work for you. Another challenge when it comes to having pixie cut hair is growing it out. There will be a period of time when your hair would just look awkward and weird in its growing out stage but don’t worry. You can still style it and own it like nobody’s business with these tips and ideas on how to style your pixie cut

  • BRAID IT – your pixie cut may not be long enough for a fishtail ponytail braid but you can always add texture to it by doing little side braids on your bangs or on both sides if you want to go for a more symmetrical look. It will help keep at least your bangs away from your face throughout the day.

braided pixie growing out

braided pixie braided pixie do

  • TWIST IT – can’t seem to get a neat braid on your pixie cut no matter how hard you try? That’s fine. Don’t stress yourself out. Instead of doing a braid, why don’t you do twists instead? You can place these wherever you would place a braid and it would help add texture to your hair as well which is perfect if you have stick straight hair.

twist on the side twist side pixie

  • SLICK IT BACK – get a cooler and edgier look that’s also going to free your face from hair by slicking it back and adding gel or mousse to it to keep it in place. Slicked back pixies look ultra chic and sophisticated and it’s perfect for those ladies who want to go for a no non-sense kind of hairstyle that can be done quickly every day.

slicked back pixie slicked back pixie hairstyle

  • FAUX HAWK IT – want a rocking way to style your pixie ‘do while you grow it out? Why not do a cool faux hawk by mousse-ing up your hair from the sides towards the center to create the look of a Mohawk? It’s a great hairstyles to wear if you feel like channeling your tomboy style for the day or if you simply want to spice up your look with an edgy hairstyle.

faux hawk faux hawk halle berry

  • MESS IT UP – another really easy way to style your pixie, no matter the length, is to do a messy, sexy tousled look. Just squeeze a bit of styling product like gel or mousse on your palm, rub and then tousle your hair and you’re good to go!

tousled hair