How to Style Your Collar Dresses

Collar dresses are one of the most preppy and girly outfits you may go for. It reminds us of the girly and playful vibe we had on our school days. But if you wish to look preppy without looking like an innocent school girl, keep on reading for fashionable twists on styling your collar dresses.

jabot dress with pumps

pointed flat collar dress with boots ruffled collar dress with gingham shoes tie neck dress with boots turtleneck shirtdress with sneakers

There are a lot of collar styles you may go for if you’re not a fan of the typical “peter pan” collar dress. Think of different collar dresses like jabot, tie-neck, pointed flats, ruffle, sailor, turtleneck, mandarin, puritan, and even chelsea ones that look feminine and stylish. You may think of opaque tights and boots that add a preppy touch to the girly outfit.

shirtdress with neclace and gladiator sandals necklace with collar dress

Since your neckline will be covered by the collar, you should choose a necklace with a long chain and pendant, especially if you have a short neck. A classic jewelry is another good choice when you wish to have a conservative style while edgy jewelry with studs gives a modern touch to your preppy looks. Ballet flats and oxfords are a comfortable selection of your footwear, but ankle boots or gladiator sandals give some edgy touch to your style.

embellished pink collar dress fur collar dress with black shoes lace collar dress red and navy collar dress with vest

You can find those collar dresses in many different fabrics such as cotton, leather, lace, silk, velvet, cashmere, fur and such that can be your statement piece. Blair Eadie opted for a collar dress made from lace with silk collar that looks sophisticated and feminine. To keep the focus on the collar dress, Blair just opted for simple black shoes and sunglasses that polished her looks without clashing with the statement of the dress. For a glamorous style, you may look for embellished collars with stones and sparkly beads in timeless shades, or just go for detachable collars that you may wear with any kind of your collarless dresses.

button down shirt with tube dress sweater with collar dress turtleneck with dress

If you think dresses should leave alone when it comes to layering, you’re wrong. You may creatively wear your collar dresses with a knitted top, sweater, turtleneck and such. If you don’t have a collar dress, you may creatively wear a button-down shirt beneath a tube dress like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did. Wearing a knitted top with a collar dress looks great too as it provides more warmth and coverage best for cold seasons. Just polish your looks with a slim belt for waist definition on bulky layers.

collar dress with bomber jacket velvet collar dress with leather jacket trench coat with collared dress peter pan collar dress with cardigan collar dress with cropped jacket collar dress with coat collar dress with cape

When you wish for more comfort and additional warmth during the colder season, achieve the layered look by throwing on a collar dress with a cardigan, army jacket, tunic, trench coat, blazer, and even jackets that add some spice to its style. For the edgier take on the sweet trend, try rocking a collar dress with studded cardigan or leather jacket with boots. This way, you can dress up or dress down your fashion piece in whichever way you want looking preppy and sleek.



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