How to Style Your Classic White T-Shirt

Just like a blank canvas, a classic white t-shirt is meant to be dressed up with dressier and fancier pieces. Versatile enough to match any of your outfit, these simple and classic t-shirts can be a casual, sexy, feminine, and even glamorous in creative styling. Whether you’re going for a creative office environment or a casual weekend getaway, keep on reading for your creative ways to style your classic white t-shirt making yourself comfortable and cool.

white t-shirt with distressed jeans and chic accessories

white t-shirt with gray jeans and pumps white t-shirt with skinny jeans and fringed sandals

Traditionally designed to wear with casual jeans and shorts, your classic white t-shirt can still be dressed up with your chic accessories. But before that, check if your classic white shirt is still worth wearing as it should stay immaculate without any stains, visible marks, and yellowish spots. Check the neckline and its fit as if they hang loosely on your body and lose its shape, you know it’s time to ditch your old shirt. Designer handbag ups the ante of a shirt and jeans combination as well as a chic jewelry and a pair of sunglasses that you may go for.

bandana blazer with white t-shirt and acid washed jeans floral shorts with white t-shirt and chambray blazer fringed-bag-with-white-t-shirt-and-white-jeans white-t-shirt-with-casual-jacket-and-denim-jeans white t-shirt with purple skinny pants military jacket with white t-shirt and jeans

To add some polish to your casual outfit of classic white t-shirt and denim jeans, you may think of an army jacket, bandana blazer, denim jacket, leather vest, zipped jacket, as well as a tweed blazer to top your looks. The great thing about incorporating these toppers is they upgrade your basic shirt without losing its effortless and casual look. You may go for a pair of classic pumps to dress up your casual outfit a bit, or simply go for a pair of flat to keep it laid back.

white t-shirt with chic coat and boyfriend jeans white-t-shirt-with-chic-blazer-and-distressed-jeans leather trousers with white t-shirt and denim jacket casual chic outfit


The “high-low” concept of mixing pieces makes it fresh. A pair of distressed jeans and white t-shirt can totally look chic with a sleek and structured blazer. Boyfriend jeans especially in distressed style look too casual, so you may think of skinny fit of jeans in lighter shades as well as a pair of leather leggings to make your casual outfit a bit chic. Making your outfit unexpectedly chic is a creative means of showing off your flexible and laidback nature.

graphic print pants with white t-shirt and sleek blazer all-white-outfit harem pants with loose shirt silk pants with white t-shirt and coat

Looking sophisticatedly chic with your classic white t-shirt is definitely possible with a great styling. A classic black-and-white combination always works as well as the monochromatic dressing. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may go monochromatic in white with your classic white t-shirt and blazer worn with white dressy trousers. For understated glamour, pair your white shirt with a graphic print dress pants and a sleek blazer like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did. Harem pants, silk pants, leather trousers, culottes, and palazzo pants can also be a great alternative.

printed white t-shirt with breezy outfit graphic-white-t-shirt-with-skinny-jeans-and-edgy-boots celine white t-shirt with deni shorts and cardigan batman logo print white t-shirt with hoodies and skinny jeans balmain-white-t-shirt-with-boyfriend-jeans-and-fur-coat

To add some personality to your style, you may opt for a classic white t-shirt with word prints, brand logos, and subtle prints to match with your typical outfit. Whether you wish to make your t-shirt sporty with your hoodies, or glam it up with a fur coat, classic white t-shirt can be your key piece to create multiple looks that make a bold statement.

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