How to Style Your Choker Scarf

Looking for effortless ways to look chic and fashion-forward on your street style? Then, resort to choker scarves that will look great a huge variety of outfits. Keep on reading for our styling tricks that have been done on the streets, so you can steal some ideas for the week ahead.

  1. Wear it with a plunging neckline.

avant garde outfit with choker scarf

three piece suit with choker scarf cut out top with jeans and choker scarf choker scarf with edgy chic outfit

If you feel conscious for showing your cleavage in a plunging top, then wear a choker scarf with it letting the loose ends to cover your bust line. This will look great especially for women with longer neck making them look more proportioned and balanced. If you’re a fan of wearing fashion-forward outfits like a cut-out blouse, off-shoulder tops, avant-garde tops, and architectural tops, choker scarves will surely complement your statement while keeping your looks effortless and trendy.

  1. Wear it with a brooch.

brooch with choker scarf and borrowed from boys outfit

You may copy Christine Centenera’s style of wearing a brooch with her choker scarf. It gave a feminine touch to an otherwise masculine look consisting of a tuxedo blazer and fringed skirt. The choker scarf is generally simple, plain, and in black, so your brooches will define your outfit whether you wish it to look Victorian-inspired, edgy, punk, feminine, classy, or romantic. Just go for metallic brooches for a sophisticated look or go for colorful ones for a trendy yet playful street look.

  1. Wrap it around your neck.

button down shirt with jeans and choker scarf purple choker scarf with casual outfit choker scarf with eclectic outfit choker scarf with black dress and oversized coat choker scarf with oversized coat

Choker scarves are great accessories to wear with warmer season compared to wool shawls and blanket scarves. Like street style star Gilda Ambrosio, you may think of adding a pop of color to your outfit with a choker scarf with a hint of yellow while letting the ends of your scarf in front of you and the other one on your back. Like Margaret Zhang, you may go for a typical wrap of choker scarf letting the ends hang on your front for adding some flair to your avant-garde look.

  1. Creatively knot your scarf.

choker scarf with bomber jacker and jeans with cap toe boots choker scarf with overalls hippie chic outfit with choker scarf pussy bow choker scarf with button down shirt and jeans suede dress with choker scarf

Whether you wish to wear it like a necktie or bow, knotting your scarf will be a creative means of looking fashion-forward on your looks. Like fashion blogger Patricia Manfield, add some flair to your burgundy suede dress by going for an ivory white choker scarf that will add some texture to your looks while giving you some flair. For an eclectic look, think of wearing your choker scarf with a button down shirt, resembling the pussy bow look that will go perfectly with a metallic blazer, skinny jeans, and slip-on sandals. This way, you’ll look more fashion-forward without looking overdone on your style.

  1. Wear it like a bandana.

choker scarf with pinstripe blazer and architectural skirt with lace up shoes choker scarf with jeans and cap toe boots bandana choker scarf with urban outfit

If you think bandana scarves scream the bohemian vibe you’re not into, then go for a chic choker scarf and wear it like a bandana for an effortless look. With this style, you’ll look trendy and effortless leaving the both ends of your scarf on your back that will go perfect whether you’re wearing a round or plunging neckline.

Indeed, choker scarves are a great addition to your wardrobe for creating a trendy, fashion-forward, and creative style while looking effortless.

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