How to Style Your Chiffon Blouse

A versatile and feminine top like a chiffon blouse can take you from casual walks to semi-formal occasions, and even sophisticated to sexy looks. All you need is creativity to dress up or dress down your top and make the look work for you. Keep on reading for styling tricks to style your chiffon blouse.

Keep it loose.

black and white chiffon blouse with skinny jeans

white chiffon blouse with orange shorts chiffon blouse with white denim pants chiffon blouse with skinny jeans and white bag

Sheer chiffon blouses are best worn loose as the more fitted the sheer garment, the more risqué your look becomes. Since the blouse was made to relaxed and floaty, wear them with your form-fitting bottoms like a pencil skirt or a pair of skinny jeans. Don’t wear them with full skirts if you don’t want to make your waist as wide as your hips. Since sheer blouses can be quite voluminous, try creating structure on your bottom half by wearing stiffer fabrics. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, wear your crisp button down blouse with a pair of casual jeans that will be perfect for a casual walk in the town to casual Friday in the office.

Wear it with high-waist bottoms.

denim skirt with chiffon blouse striped skirt with chiffon blouse purple chiffon blouse with leather midi skirt lace skirt with chiffon blouse

Tucking your loose chiffon blouse may be great, but wearing them with low-waist bottoms will only make things worse. For a flattering and feminine look, go for a high-waist skirt, shorts, or pants to accentuate your waist while it flares out slightly on your hips highlighting your womanly curves. Since belts usually don’t work for defining your waist in low cut bottoms, you won’t be needing one in high-waist styles on your skirts and trousers.

Do the partial tuck.

colored jeans with chiffon blouse zebra skirt with chiffon blouse emerald green chiffon blouse

Doing the partial tuck is a great trick to show off your waist without worrying on unnecessary bulges formed by your floaty blouse. However, keep the different shades on your top and bottom piece to make your waist visible as going for a monochromatic outfit will only make things worse. Wearing it in such a conservative manner can help balance out the sheer and risqué nature of it all. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, make your chiffon blouse a sexy at the same time an edgy statement for you.

Wear a jacket, coat, blazer, or vest with your sheer top.

chic shorts with chiffon blouse and yellow blazer track pants with fur coat and chiffon blouse chiffon blouse with olive pants with blazer chiffon blouse and blazer with envelope clutch and jeans

When you’re wearing a sheer chiffon blouse, take note if your outfit looks daring, revealing, or inappropriately sexy. If that’s the case, involves some smart layering with a jacket, coat, blazer, or vest, especially if wearing under layer isn’t fashionable. When layering over the top, pair a sheer blouse with a blazer for some structure or a knit sweater for warmth. Like fashion blogger Katerina Kraynova, you may go for a chic blazer with the same color of your chiffon blouse to dress up your jeans while complementing your fashion statement.

Make it look chic and feminine with shorts and miniskirts.

chiffon blouse with leather skirt structured skirt with chiffon blouse slim fitting shorts with chiffon blouse chiffon blouse with nude pleated skirt and nude pumps

Wearing your chic chiffon blouse with miniskirts and shorts will make them look more feminine and sexy. Just pick the style of skirt that looks flattering for your shape and personality. For instance, pleated skirts work best for women with preppy and romantic personality while architectural skirts and leather bottoms work perfect for women with edgy personality.

Spice your chiffon blouse with a flattering necklace.

romantic jewelry with chiffon blouse chiffon blouse with breezy skirt

Whether you have collars or deep neckline on your blouse, a flattering necklace will give you a greater fashion statement. Like Kristina Bazan, go for a jeweled necklace with precious stones for a romantic look, or keep it dainty and elegant with gold and silver motifs. Also, take notice of sharp accessories that could possibly catch and pull on your sheer blouse. This way, you’ll look more feminine, chic, and stylish on your street style.

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