How to Style Your Cap Toe Shoes

Originally a trend in the ‘40s and ‘50s, cap toe shoes are a wardrobe essential that can easily make the transition from day to night. If you think this shoe style is shortening for your frame and can make your legs look stumpy, keep on reading for styling tricks that will make you look fabulous and stunning.

cap toe shoes with casual outfit

denim skirt and shirt with cap toe shoes

To dress up your casual looks, go for cap toe shoes over casual sandals and strappy heels. If you’re thinking the style would cut your feet visually, you may go for the ones in a nude shade that are close to the color of your skin tone or pants if you’re wearing one. It’s also wise to pick a color of the cap in lighter shades and keep the darker shades on the body of your shoes. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, she opted for a metallic cap toe that’s lighter than the shade of the shoe body. Choose a cap toe shoes that uses color as an accent. Like Blair Eadie, opt for the shoe color that matches the color of your outfit.

classic coat with leggings and cap toe shoes classic outfit with cap toe shoes mustard dress and coat with cap toe shoes vintage dress with cap toe shoes

If you think your classic outfits are too plain or even boring, like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, opt for a pair of statement footwear like a printed cap toe boots, or a pair of glittery chunky heels. Vintage shift dress can look a bit outdated, but she spiced it up with glittery cap toe heels that make a balanced statement. Whatever you choose, think of your classic outfit as a canvas against which you will be showcasing your shoes.

leather leggings with layered top leather trousers and tank top with cap toe shoes oxford cap toe shoes with chic outfit

To make your style edgy, go for leather ensembles like a pair of leather trousers, leather top, leather dress, or even a leather skirt. Keep the contrasting texture going by incorporating ensembles made from tweed, cashmere, lace, cotton, wool and such for giving a dimensional look. If you feel leather ensembles are too hot for you, simply go for edgy footwear like a pair of oxfords, loafers, or even brogues.

chic modern outfit with cap toe shoes chic outfit with cap toe shoes crochet-top-with-miniskirt-and-cap-toe-shoes modern outfit with cap toe shoes puffer jacket with skirt and cap toe shoes

Cap toe shoes will go great with modern outfits. Be creative and tasteful in your outfit like Blair Eadie matching a tweed skirt with a collared shirt, or a sleek structured jacket with a circle skirt. Neutrals like beige, gray, black, white, and flesh colors are all excellent choices for your shoes. Modern style doesn’t necessary mean piling on all trendy and fresh pieces, but you can still incorporate your old ensembles with trendy ones to make your outfit look current.

striped outfit with cap toe shoes printed coat with cap toe shoes checkered outfit with cap toe shoes

Since cap toe shoes have a great panel design, you can definitely wear them with paneled ensembles, striped dresses, or even checkered tops that coordinate with the design of your shoes. There are pumps, flats, and even sling-back styles you can choose from to suit your taste. You may look for a classically-shaped court pump that’s comfortable and won’t go out of style in a year’s time.

A pair of cap toe shoes is a classic shoe option that has been around for decades, and still relevant today. So, have your pick and be stylish on your street looks.

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