How to Style Leopard print leggings

How to Style Leopard print leggings: Reader query

Jyoti sent me a message asking how she should style her leopard print leggings. According to me, leopard print leggings are a statement piece and should be paired with solid colors. A loose black or white top looks fabulous with leopard prints. But apart from that, I have come up with some options for you. I hope these are helpful!

Look 1-
Try pairing your leopard print tights with a loose top in a bright color such as red or orange. Warm colors look lovely with leopard prints!
Look 2:
There’s a chill in the air and winters are fast approaching. You can wear a long shrug with a tank top, and some heels to rock those leggings!leopard-leggingsw-ith-cardigan
Look 3:  Wear it with simple loose top and high boots
That was my take on how Jyoti can style her leggings. If you guys have some suggestions, do comment on the post. Also, if you want me to style something for you, email me.

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