How to Style Cropped Sweaters

If you’re getting tired of the usual sweater look that you’ve been pulling off for the past few years now, why not change it up and go for a cropped sweater this time? Cropped sweaters are perfect for fall. They still have a little bit of that summer vibe when you wear them on their own but you can definitely give it a more fall-ish look by wearing it on top of another piece to get a layered look. If you’re thinking of adding a few couple of these into your fall wardrobe, check out these tips on how to style cropped sweaters.

  • Cropped sweater and jeans – for a really easy street style look that’s perfect for early fall, a cropped sweater worn with your favorite pair of jeans will get the job done. You can wear sneakers with this outfit combo for a more rough and rugged look or you can wear flats with it for a chic but comfy look. You can also dress it up a little and wear heels with it.

pink cropped sweater and jeans

jeans shorts and cropped sweater cropped sweater and jeans outfit

  • High waisted skirt and cropped sweater – add a subtle hint of preppy chic into your look by wearing your cropped sweater with a high waisted skirt. Skater style skirts seem to be the perfect pair to cropped sweaters but other skirt styles would certainly do just as well. If the weather is too cold for wearing skirts, wear opaque tights underneath your skirt. Not only will this keep you warm, this will make the look lean more towards the preppy side and a little bit into the hipster style side as well.

checkered high waisted skirt high waisted skirt high waisted skater skirt

  • Layered over another top – one creative and stylish way to keep yourself warm during the colder fall days is to layer one piece on top of another but layering isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to have the right pieces to achieve the right look. A cropped sweater would look really good on top of a collared shirt. It gives you a nice polished look. You can also wear it on top of just any regular shirt or a thinner sweater that you have underneath.

black and white cropped sweater outfit gorgeous layered outfit eyelet cropped sweater

  • On top of a dress – got a summer dress that you can’t wear because it’s not warm enough? Why not wear a cropped sweater on top of it to get more warmth? You can also wear tights underneath if you think the weather is cold enough to make your legs shiver.

simple dress and cropped sweater fit and flare dress and cropped sweater blush dress and black cropped sweater

  • With a matching bottom – two piece co-ords are going to be just as hot this fall as they were in summer so start perusing the racks for a cropped sweater and skirt combo or a cropped sweater and pants combo if you like something more comfy and convenient.

cropped sweater coordinates matching cropped sweater and bottom nude cropped sweater and skirt

  • Loose – most cropped sweaters are made fitted but if you want to get that Lazy Girl slouchy yet oh so chic and effortless look, go for a loose cropped sweater instead. It will drape beautifully on top of anything but will also look great when worn on its own, adding a bit of a soft and feminine touch every time.

striped slouchy cropped sweater slouchy white sweater loose cropped sweater

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