How to style a Kimono

How to style a Kimono

Kimono Style Jackets

I often dismiss prints, especially florals, when it comes to fashion. 

Bleached blonde and without soft facial features I’ve always felt I don’t have that bohemian/romantic ‘look’ that’s often needed to pull them off; but the girly girl in me spotted this a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist it. 
Kimono Style Jackets1
It’s floral but not over the top or obvious, the pattern has a soft and almost Monet-esque look to it which I think is just beautiful. 

The mix of pastel green, pink, white and racing green make it perfect for across the seasons, pastels for the spring/summer and with the hint of darker green I think it may just work in Autumn too. 
Kimono Style Jackets2

Worn with – Topshop Baxter jeans, Dorothy Perkins bandeau and Accessorize tigers eye necklace.

I’ve seen Kimono style jackets all over the high-street recently and loved them but the cut/style of most have not been right for me, mostly too short, the sleeves too big or the prints too opulent but this one from good old H&M is perfect. 

The length is super flattering, softly covering the hips and more importantly my derriere, the sleeves are loose but not like wings and as I said above the print is just right! 
Kimono Style Jackets4

Worn with – Topshop black Baxter jeans, Zara T, H&M pink skinny belt and Lisa Taubes chain.

I love this oriental inspired jacket and it’s been the perfect, chic cover up this summer. I like to wear it open, with a belt, or with the pink lining flicked out which you can see in one of my recent YT videos. 
If you’d maybe dismissed Kimono’s as a firm no no or even floral prints then I’d definitely recommend tracking this down in your local H&M and enjoy embracing your inner Geisha! 

I can’t remember exactly but I think it cost around £20!

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What do you think about floral kimono trend?

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