How to Style a High Low Skirt

If you’re looking for a mini, midi and maxi skirt hybrid, I think fashion geniuses have something for you: the high low skirt. It features a miniskirt-like front, a midi-like graduation to the sides and a maxi-like back. You may have also heard of this skirt as the mullet skirt which is what it’s also popularly called as because it resembles the mullet haircut from the 80s. A high low skirt is perfect if you need something that would add a bit of subtle drama to your feminine look. Here are some tips on how to style a high low skirt.

  • Plain and simple – if you’re looking for a foolproof way to wear a high low skirt, I would advise you to wear it with a plain and simple shirt. This is always my advice for anyone who’s trying to wear a tricky bottom / trend for the first time. You just can’t go wrong with wearing a plain t-shirt with a high low skirt. It makes the perfect go-to outfit for anyone who wants to look stylish despise being pressed for time.

shirt and high low outfit

white shirt and high low skirt

  • Printed – want to add more detail and texture to your look? Then try wearing a printed high low skirt. Adding prints can make your outfit look more interesting and it also adds depth and dimension the look. For summer, try looking for a floral high low skirt to complete your sweet and girly looks or a high low skirt in stripes or chevron for your everyday looks.

purple patterned high low skirt striped high low skirt

  • Fancy and elegant – attending a fancy event and still don’t know what to wear? How about wearing a high low skirt? The plain ones may seem too casual for the event so amp up the elegance and go for a ruffled one instead. This is perfect if you need to add volume to your waist or if you simple want to create an interesting blend of layers and textures in your look. Ruffled high low skirts also do a great job in creating drama and adding a classy touch to your look.

bridal dress high low ruffled green high low skirt

  • Street style chic – need to take your street style game up a notch? Try wearing a high low skirt with a sexy crop top and see how heads turn each time you pass by. This look is the perfect combination of sweet, edgy and sexy and you can wear it anytime you want to. This is a great summer street style look to wear if you’re looking for something cool and sophisticated at the same time.

crop top ysl cut out crop top

  • Foolproof fab – if you’re still not confident about wearing a high low skirt along with a separate top because you fear that the combo you might come up with won’t work, keep it safe and take the easy and foolproof route by wearing a high low dress instead. They’re perfect for first time high low wearers.

high low dress floral high low dress

  • Cool and casual – want to create a cute outfit that you can wear everyday that’s easy and laidback? Instead of wearing your high low skirt with heels to create a dressy look, switch it up and pair it with flats or sandals instead. You can also go for a pair of wedge sandals if you need some help in the height department.

embellished flat sandals high low and ballet flats

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