How to Sport Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks are on trend right now but many are afraid of trying them out. If you’re not used to wearing thigh-high socks, the trend might come off a little overwhelming but trust me, it’s actually easier than it looks. Check out these tips on how to sport thigh high socks.

  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOW SOME SKIN – if you want to pull off thigh high socks you have to show at least some skin so you don’t end up with a very dated look. Wear shorts, dresses or skirts that fall about 3 to 5 inches above where your socks end (shorter if your socks hit higher). Wearing thigh high socks like this will transform a plain old casual everyday look into a fashion statement.

printed dress and thigh high socks

thigh high socks and shorts thigh high socks outfit

  • SCHOOL GIRL STYLE – another way that you can wear thigh high socks is to pull off the school girl look. To do this, you’ll at least need a plaid skirt and any top that you feel like wearing for the day. If you really want to go all out and pull of a Cher Horowitz, go for a miniskirt and a blazer and finish off with a pair of chunky heeled Mary Janes.

pleated skater skirt and thigh high socks plaid skirt and thigh high socksblack outfit school girl outfit school girl style outfit

  • USE IT TO GIVE YOUR LBD A TWIST – need to dress down your LBD but don’t want to go too casual with sneakers and all? Give your trusty ol’ Little Black Dress some street style love by wearing it with a pair of black thigh high socks and see it go from fancy to everyday ordinary in a jiffy. And don’t worry, it won’t lose that chic vibe.

lbd and black thigh high socks lbd with thigh high socks runway style lbd and thigh high socks sexy lbd with thigh high socks

  • HIPSTER SLASH GRUNGE – even if you’re not a fan of hipster or grunge fashion yourself, I’m sure you won’t say no to trying out how they wear it and that is with denim cut-offs and boots. Most of the time, it’s either combat boots or moto boots but any kind will do, really. When it gets cold, you can also wear really thin tights underneath for that extra warmth. As a finishing touch, why not wrap that flannel shirt around your waist?

grungey hispter look half hipster and grunge look hipster grunge hipster style outfit

  • WITH A BOHO VIBE – another look that you can pull off with thigh high socks is the fall Boho look. Just wear your thigh high socks with a cute flowy dress, put on a hat, some fringed accessories and you’re good to go. You can wear your thigh high socks frumped up underneath fringed boots, too, to get a little more authentic with you look.

boho with thigh high socks boho outfit with thigh high socks fall boho look

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