How To Remove Black Hair Dye From the Skin

I change my hair color a lot as you may know by now.  The other day I decided to go back to black so I went out and purchased a box of black hair dye.  This is not the first time I went black, but it’s been a while so I forgot to be overly careful.


How To Remove Black Hair Dye From Skin


How To Remove Black Hair Dye From Skin-after

Well, I ended up getting the black hair dye on my skin so I hopped on Google and searched for ‘how to remove black hair dye from the skin’.  Most of the tips worked so I’ve decided to share them with you guys today.  So these are the tips on how to remove black hair dye from the skin.

  • Rubbing alcohol –  Saturate a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol and scrub away.  I mean really really scrub!  Or you can try hand sanitizer, I’ve heard it works really well too.
  • Nail polish remover – Same thing here, saturate a cotton ball with the nail polish remover and begin scrubbing.  Just make sure to avoid getting it in your eyes.
  • Toothpaste – Use the kind with the gritty stuff in it, the gel won’t work.  Rub it into skin over and over again until the black dye comes out.
  • Dish washing liquid – Wash your face with this stuff, it works almost every time.
  • Baby soap or baby oil – Put a small amount of baby soap or baby oil on a cotton ball and rub off the black dye.
  • Vinegar – Pour some vinegar on a cotton ball and scrub away!
Next time you dye your hair, especially a dark color like black, put a layer of Vaseline around the areas you tend to get stains.  This layer will stop the dye from soaking in and ‘staining’ your face. I hope you found my tips on how to remove black hair dye from skin helpful and if so please let me know in the comments.  Below I have included a helpful video explaining another great way to remove black hair dye from skin.


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