How to Pull Off Pale Skin in the Summer

If you’ve been a pale girl all your life, you might have already considered getting some tan this summer. Every year, tons of girls, especially the naturally pale ones, head out to the beach to get some color on their skin. They sunbathe for hours and spend on so many skin products to get the perfect tan. Others choose to do it the less outdoorsy way and that is by going to the tanning salon to warm up their skins and give it a gorgeous tanned tint. If you’re not a fan of these methods of getting a tan, though, don’t worry, Here are a few tips on how to pull off pale skin in the summer.

  1. Work it – the first step to pulling off pale skin in the summer is to work it like you mean it. If you’re planning on sticking with your pale skin this season, it’s advisable to have it in its best condition so you can strut around untanned with confidence. Exfoliate your skin regularly and moisturize every day to get that radiant, healthy glow.beautiful skin summer look
    beautiful pale summer skin
  2. Liven it up with makeup – another way to give your skin that cheery, summery look without going for a tan is to liven up and brighten up your face with some makeup. A dab of highlighter here and there can give you a nice summer glow while a hint of blush can get you that instant sunkissed look. While you’re at it, why not go all out and put some lipstick on in a nice summery color?makeup for pale skin in summer summer light makeup
  3. Warm it up with bronzer – if you like the look of tanned skin but aren’t willing to expose yours to the harmful rays of the sun or the even more harmful rays of a tanning machine / bed, here’s a less damaging option for you: use bronzer. Bronzers can warm up your skin without you having to stay out in the sun or lie on a tanning bed.bronzed summer skin bronzer for pale skin
  4. Try pulling off Korean-style makeup – the thing about Korean makeup is that it makes you look beautiful and glowing without making you look older or more mature. To get the look, avoid wearing colors and looks that are too dark like heavy contour and smoky eyes.korean style makeup korean makeup for summer
  5. Wear crazy hair – if you can’t make a statement with a tan, why not make one with crazy hair instead? Try something you’ve never done before with your hair. It doesn’t have to be rainbow-themed or anything like that as long as it’s a different one from the one you’re sporting now.bold jet black hair and pale skin bold red summer hair



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