How to Pick the Statement Necklace for Your Personality

This season, necklaces are taking center stage in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Whether you wish to spice up your simple outfit with your statement accessory or aim to standout from the crowd, picking the perfect statement necklace will make your street style more stylish, expressive, and fashion-forward. Keep on reading to get some clues on picking your statement necklaces to channel your fashion personality.

Classic Fashion Personality

pearl necklace with black top and quirky skirt

pearl necklace with gingham blouse and sequin skirt pearl necklace with pink blazer and bag pearl necklace with plaid shirt and tulle skirt pearl necklace with trendy outfit

A woman with a classic fashion personality prefers timeless looks that always look sophisticated and elegant no matter when she’s wearing a casual outfit, office outfit, or even party-ready outfit. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may stick to pearl necklaces to show off your classic style, but give some tweaks to make your outfit a bit modern, quirky, and playful. You may think of adding a ribbon head band to add some girly vibe to your outfit, but be sure to take them off in a more formal setting. Pearl is timeless, and opting for pearl necklaces can make a classic fashion statement that never goes out of style.

Romantic Fashion Personality

colorful bib necklace with black dress and gold pumps floral bib necklace with coral top striped dress with bib necklace

A woman with romantic fashion personality always looks feminine, sweet, and innocent to whatever outfit she’s wearing. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for bib necklaces with colorful jewels as well as floral motifs. Stick to pastel and feminine shades on your necklaces for a more romantic look as shades of black and white may look too formal and classy for you. Floral pendants are the best style to go for as it perfectly shows your feminine nature even on simpler shades.

Glamorous Fashion Personality

bib necklace with cocktail party outfit diamond necklace with silk dress gold bib necklace with fur jacket and leather trousers gold chain neclace with nautical outfit

A woman with glamorous fashion personality always aims for a luxurious, elegant, and sparkling look. But that doesn’t mean sequins are for you, especially if they don’t look elegant and sophisticated. Instead, like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may stick to motifs of gold chain necklaces that look luxurious enough to spice up whatever outfit you’re wearing. If you feel gold color is not flattering for you, you may resort to silver or even diamond necklaces that also look glamorous and elegant like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did.

Edgy Fashion Personality

basic tee and boyfriend jeans with bib necklace bib necklace with turtleneck top

A woman with edgy fashion personality looks perfectly tough without going overboard. Like Coco Rocha, you may go for a bib necklace with edgy details to spice up your casual outfit. Spikes, studs, arrows, leather and such details can also be your option. Fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick creatively made her looks edgy at the same time graceful with her silver necklace with arrow details. Looking edgy doesn’t always mean looking like a rock-star in your street style. Sometimes, a statement necklace with tough ornaments can do the tricks for you.

Trendy Fashion Personality

cobalt blue necklace with white lace top and cobalt blue pants green top with colorful necklace and checkered skirt trendy outfit with brightly colored necklace trendy outfit with statement necklace

A woman with trendy fashion personality always prefers the latest, most up-to-date fashion available. Since neon colors, color blocking, and flashy accessories are on-trend, why not think of a colorful necklace to wear with your outfit to make it look trendy and fashion-forward. Just be sure to wear a solid-colored top to avoid looking flashy wearing your colorful statement necklace with your top.

Bohemian Fashion Personality

bohemian necklace with tribal top and sunglasses bohemian outfit with tribal necklace crochet necklace with white dress fringe necklace with neon yellow top fringe necklace with striped top and blazer layered necklace with blazer striped top and fringe skirt with bib necklace tribal inspired necklace with off shoulder top and sunglasses tribal necklace with button down shirt wooden necklace with trendy outfit

The bohemian fashion personality channels free-spirited, wild, and carefree vibe. So better opt for statement necklaces with earthy details, wooden beads, neutral colors, tribal look, crochet trims, native design, stone pendants, fringes, leather trims, bronze palette and such. Whether you’re wearing a modern outfit or a bohemian outfit, these statement necklaces can add some free-spirited vibe to your looks, especially if you’re not a fan of suede boots, leather skirts, and cowboy belts.

Eclectic Fashion Personality

red outfit with eclectic necklace geometric inspired necklace with striped top and jacket geometric inspired necklace with dress and checkered coat cobalt blue outfit with geometric necklace abstract necklace with neutral outfit

Adventurous, statement-making, and unconventional, a woman with an eclectic fashion personality tends to stand out from the crowd as she always has that avant-garde touch to her style. Oversized necklaces, eccentric necklaces, geometric-inspired necklaces, and even abstract-inspired necklaces can be your great choices to add some spice to your street style. Just make sure you’ll choose ones that you’ll comfortable with as these statement necklaces can draw all the attention on you.

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