How to Pick the Flattering Stripes for Your Body Shape

Forget the fashion myth that says wearing horizontal stripes for curvier women is a fashion no-no as stripes are for everyone. Apart from the basic rules that horizontal stripes are widening and vertical stripes are slimming, you may wish to read our style guidelines to dig deeper on the tricks of stripe patterns. No matter what kind of curves you have, there’s a stripe out there that suits you.

  1. Opt for a flattering horizontal striped dress in ideal spaced lines.

breton striped shirtdress with boots

striped shirt dress with pink pumps rainbow striped dress with espadrilles

Apart from the said rule that horizontal stripes are widening, they can actually be slimming too depending on their line spacing as well as the fit of your dress. If you wish to add some volume to your slim frame, opt for thick, bold stripes with evenly spaced lines, or with a lighter background color thicker than lines itself. Also, opt for a dress with non-figure hugging style in bold stripes if you wish to add some weight to your slim frame.

striped maxi dress breton stripes with embossed boots

On the other hand, if you have an ideal body shape and wish to make it sexier, you may go for smaller horizontal stripes, as well as a body-fitting silhouette wrapping around your body to enhance your curves naturally. Smaller-scale horizontal stripes can have a slimming effect as long as you look for garments that are structured and more fitted to the body like knits.

  1. Go for a flattering horizontal, vertical, or chevron stripe pattern on your top.

chevron top with pencil skirt and striped pumps striped pussy bow top with jeans shirt and jeans with striped coat rainbow striped crop top with denim culottes gold bracelet with striped top and chic shorts

Vertical stripes are not always slimming, especially if you’re wearing a loose, boxy, or flowy top. Going for longer striped tops in loose silhouette can actually put you at risk of looking heavier, or even worse having a muffin top. Instead, you for a fitted top with ideally spaced lines like Jane Aldridge’s wearing to enhance or downplay your bust. Also, chevron stripes can be perfect as long as their point lies on the center of your fitted top like Mary Orton’s wearing.

  1. Opt for vertical striped pants for a slimming effect.

striped pants and white top with slides striped pants with loose top and sneakers striped pants with lace top and cap toe shoes striped pants with blue tee and metallic pumps

Vertical stripes on your pants can be slimming depending on their spacing, as well as the fit of your pants. Thick, bold stripes in evenly spaced lines can be great if you have lean legs. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you may simply opt for a skinny pair of striped pants to show off your curves naturally. However, if you wish to add some volume to your slim legs, go for pants with wider leg but not as wide as flared legs. Just play with the background color and structure of your trousers to see what’s flattering for you.

  1. Go for striped skirts that flatter your curves.

blazer with white top and striped skirt pink maxi skirt with striped top striped skirt with denim jacket and plain tee striped silk skirt with white top and blazer striped outfit with band-inspired blouse and boots chevron striped skirt with orange leather jacket

Vertical stripes in body-fitting skirts are perfect for slim women, but not for curvy ones. You may opt for thick, bold stripes in full skirts as well as other skirt styles that don’t hug your hips. If you can, just play safe with diagonal stripes gather near your natural curves, and chevron stripes that float away from your hips. If wearing a striped skirt adds too much volume on your hips, then simply top it with a blazer like Annabelle Fleur did, making you look slimmer than you actually are.

  1. Wear stripes with stripes strategically.

striped blouse with pants stripes outfit with cute ballet flats striped pants with draped top striped outfit with heels striped matching set with structured bag

Wearing stripes with stripes can be fashionable especially in matching sets, but be sure to wear the strategically. When wearing striped outfit, keep your waistline visible by showing your midriff with a crop top; highlighting your waistline with a belt, or playing with slanting lines that point to your waist. Like fashion blogger Zanita Whittington, you may go for a wrap blouse with slanting horizontal lines that follow the V-neckline, so you’ll create a good definition of your waist while letting your striped pants define the boundaries of your outfit.

  1. Be mindful of the stripe placement on your abstract print outfits.

striped outfit with brown belt and clutch striped dress with bow sandals striped dress with ankle strap sandals retro black and white striped dress with cap toe shoes rainbow stripe outfit with sling bag black and white striped dress with strappy sandals

Though abstract stripes or lines in opposing directions can flatter most body types, be mindful of its placement especially if you’re concerned about your problem areas. When picking a dress or skirt that has stripes that vary in direction, make sure it conceals imperfections and makes you look more balanced. For instance, you may opt for a striped dress in an optical illusion style like Blair Eadie’s wearing, making her womanly curves highlighted in alternating black and wide hues with side curves. Also, go for a dress with slanting stripes on bust and hips while having horizontal lines on the waist as it can be perfect to show off your curves strategically.

By heeding our stylish advice, you’ll to take stripes to a whole new figure-flattering level while keeping your fashion-forward looks.

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