How to Pick a Flattering Tunic for Your Shape

Tunic is a trendy and timeless piece you can have, but for a lot of available styles in the market, it can be challenging to pick what’s flattering for you. Remember, as with everything, you must go for a perfect fit as other styles of tunics need to be nipped or shortened to fit your shape. Keep on reading for our guidelines when picking a tunic for you.

  1. Hourglass Shape

knitted tunic with pants

white tunic with white pants and nude heels snakeprint pumps with gray tunic and jeans quirky print boots with knitted tunic and jeans olive green tunic with vest and suede boots

An hourglass figure looks better, ideally, in a more fitted tunic, so make sure that it fits properly and is not too big. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of a tube tunic with an empire waist and side front slit to show off your perfect curves. Wearing straight-leg or skinny pants with tunic is ideal for hourglass figure women that will show your lean legs compared to miniskirts and shorts. Pair a loose tunic with slender bottoms like straight-leg or skinny jeans while a more fitted tunic can go nicely with boot cut pants. If you wish to show off your bottom-part with jeans, then, copy Chiara Ferragni’s style of wearing a knitted tunic with side slit making her sexy figure show in a pair of casual jeans.

  1. Rectangle Shape

blue tunic dress with nude mules tunic with belt and white pants tunic dress with strappy sandals boxy tunic with flared pants tunic with coat and boots tunic with denim shorts and fedora hat white tunic with flared pants

Straight or rectangle body type can be tricky to dress up in tunics as most tunics normally go with the curves of the natural body and doesn’t create one if you don’t have them. For this body shape, it’s all about the balance between tunics that are too clingy and too loose. You may think of tunic styles that buttons up and has a belt to create the illusion of a curve in at the waist. Like Mary Orton, you may belt your tunic and wear it with a pair of wide leg pants to create a curvier illusion. Wearing a tunic dress in maxi length with voluminous and flowy fabric can also help to add some volume to your straight frame.

  1. Pear Shape

camel tunic with white pants white tunic with red skirt tunic robe with flared pants sneakers with tunic and wide leg pants culottes with white tunic

If you are pear shaped, look for tunics with side vents to prevent the tunic from clinging to thighs and rear. Make sure your collar bone and wrists are visible, as these features are always slimming to show off. You may also think of tunic coats with a slight taper at the waist, a V- neckline, and a good flare at the hemline that creates a more proportionate bottom. Since your heaviest area is below the waist, make sure your tunic either falls above your widest area, or below, but not right on it. Wearing a pair of boxy pants or culottes with your lightweight tunic can also be great to conceal your heavy bottoms.

  1. Apple Shape

red tunic top with striped skirt white tunic with skinny pants tunic with cut out pants tunic top with skinny jeans tunic dress striped tunic with orange pants

With an apple shape, avoid any kind of clingy top as you want to focus on your neckline and legs. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may consider a tunic with roomier waist to avoid emphasizing your muffin top. Also, make sure your tunic is not too long and that it has a nice V-neck, which helps direct the attention up to your face. Be creative playing with prints and colors as a smaller pattern and darker color help to create a slimmer illusion on your top part.

  1. Petite Frame

victorian flat shoes with tunic and skirt striped tunic with leather pants red tunic dress with platform sandals

If you have a petite frame, be aware that many tunics are long so always go for a shorter tunic to avoid swamping your figure. Skip those empire waists and puffy sleeves that can make you look shorter. A long tunic may make a great dress with or without a belt. You can wear shorts with a tunic but make sure they can be seen beneath that tunic. Also, billowy tunics can be held in by a jacket, necklace, or belt.

Indeed, tunics are classic, feminine, and fashion-forward pieces that can refresh your street looks. So, embrace them and be the most fashionable woman on the streets.

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