How to Perfect the Dewy Skin Look

Summer makeup is all about going light and natural so this is the time where a good skin care routine really pays off. You wouldn’t want to pile on lots and lots of products on your face because they’ll end up caking and melting at the end of the day anyway so to save yourself the time (and product) so the best way to go is to do a light and natural makeup look, skipping on as many products as you can. Of course, foundation and concealer are always quintessential in achieving a flawless look so instead of skipping on those, you might want to consider looking for a lighter version of the ones you’re using instead and opt for those that offer lighter coverage. Having dewy skin is one of the hottest looks for summer and it’s not that hard to see why. I mean, who wouldn’t want to radiant, glowing and naturally beautiful, right? Here are some tips on how to perfect the dewy skin look.

natural dewy skin

fresh dewy face

  • Hydration is key – having beautiful skin starts from within and one of the most important things to remember is that you can’t have dewy, glowing skin if your skin is super dry to the point where you’re starting to chafe and peel in some areas. To keep this from happening, make sure that you always hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water whenever you feel the need to.

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  • Moisturize – another step that you shouldn’t miss, no matter how hot the weather is, is moisturization. Moisturizing your skin keeps it soft and smooth so it helps make products glide on more smoothly and it makes your skin glow even more. Remember to let your moisturizer sit for a few minutes so your skin has the time to fully absorb it.

youthful dewy glow

  • Always prime – priming is a step that’s almost always taken for granted, especially when you’re doing your everyday makeup. However, priming is an important step that you should never skip if you want to get dewy skin. Having a primer as your makeup base helps products glide on smoother and it makes you keep the glow looking even more radiant.

flawless summer dewy makeup

  • Use the right foundation – choosing a foundation is another important step in creating the dewy skin look. You’ll want to avoid products that have the words “matte” , “matte finish” and “mattifying” on the label. Instead, look for foundation that has more of a satin or fresh dewy finish.

simple dewy skin makeup

  • Pearlescent, not glittery – products with a pearlescent finish are the ones you’ll want to use if you’re going for the dewy skin look. Look for eye shadow, concealer, blush and bronzer that have a bit of a pearlescent shimmer to it, not glitter, to get that natural luminous glow.

dewy airbrush finish

  • Highlight – contouring is just as important as highlighting but if you want to get dewy skin, you’ll want to focus more on highlighting just because it’s the step that really gives you that nice, radiant, dewy look. Sweep on highlighter on your nose bridge, your cupid’s bow, below the chin, on your brow bone, the middle of your forehead and right on top of the apples of your cheeks. Blend well so you don’t look like you just have random shiny spots on.

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  • Use gel-based products – use gel based products as much as you can if you’re going for the dewy look. It will help keep your skin looking really fresh and well-moisturized.

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