How to Pack Light and Look Chic for Your Fall Getaway

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t go on holidays anymore. Whether you’re planning on exploring a local destination or taking up an adventure abroad, one challenge that you need to overcome before you go is packing. Out of all the pre-trip things that you need to deal with, packing has got to be the toughest. You’ll want to be able to take everything you need to look stylish while on vacay but you’ll also want to stick to the recommended baggage weight to avoid paying for excess luggage. Here are some tips on how to pack light and look chic for your fall getaway.

  • PLAN OUTFITS BEFORE PACKING – planning your outfits ahead of time is a great move when packing because it gives you the chance to see which pieces are re-usable for multiple looks. Items such as jeans, outerwear and dresses are all perfect for re-using, especially when they’ve only been used for a few hours.

striped dress

lauren conrad basic

  • SHUFFLE SETS – don’t be afraid to wear one item more than once. The key to not making this move seem so obvious is to wear it with another pair. The same jeans, for example, can be worn multiple times with different tops while a dressy blouse can be worn over and over with either different bottoms or different outerwear. Shuffle pieces from pre-planned sets to make the most of what you’re bringing.

heavy knitted cardigan warm and rich hues

  • NEUTRAL COLORS ARE YOUR FRIENDS – you’re in luck because fall is a great time to wear neutrals which means that you can get away with packing mostly neutrals which also means that you have endless mix and match possibilities with whatever you can fit in your luggage.

neutral but chic outfit gray and tan outfit

  • PACK LIGHT PIECES – yes, you read that right. Lighter pieces are more ideal when packing, even for a fall holiday. You can always layer light pieces to create warmer and more comfortable outfits and, in case you’re going away for a long time and you need to do your laundry while on holiday, lighter clothes dry faster as well.

simple outfit light and reusable

  • WEAR AS MUCH OF THE HEAVIER PIECES AS YOU CAN – if you plan on bringing boots or heavy outerwear to your fall holiday, wear them to the airport. This allows you to bring them to your destination without them taking up space and weighing your luggage down.

perfect fall look trench coat on layered outfit

  • PICK OUT A FEW ITEMS TO USE AS YOUR POP OF COLOR – since you will be wearing a lot of neutral colors, it’s important to add something bright and vibrant to your look as well to keep it looking lively. A brightly colored cami to layer under a cute blazer or a pair of vibrant tights to wear under a dress or a skirt would make an interesting pop of color.

colorful plaid skirt bright orange scarf

  • DO NOT FORGET ACCESSORIES – accessories are great. They’re small and light and they don’t take up luggage space at all but they can give your outfits a complete new look. If you’re planning on wearing several pieces multiple times, make sure to wear different accessories with them to create a new look every time. Take as many as you feel you would need but try to limit it to the fancy and inexpensive ones.

white and tan heavy scarf


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