How to Mix and Match Your Jewelry

Glamorous, classic, and elegant, jewelry is one of the most stylish accessories that can spice up your simple outfits. Though there are fashion rules that set some boundaries in wearing them, those rules can sometimes be broken to create a more personalized, fashion-forward, and trendy looks. Looking for inspiration on how to mix and match your jewelry? Keep on reading for our styling tricks.

Wear gold with gold, and silver with silver.

gold cuff with gold ring and dangling earrings

gold bracelets with white dress floral necklace with gold cuff silver necklace and bracelet with eclectic outfit black dress with gold jewelrygold accessories with knitted sweater

The traditional style of wearing jewelry is wearing gold with gold and silver with silver as mixing the two metals will be considered as a fashion faux pas. Though wearing them in an intentional way can work for some instances, formal parties, conservative wedding ceremonies, black-tie dress code and such calls for a formal dress code and wearing your jewelry in a traditional way can be your best choice. Not only in formal settings, but gold and silver jewelry can indeed make your street style look glamorous and sophisticated in an instant, especially when you wear the same metals together.

Mix and match your metals.

gold and silver rings statement dress with gold bracelets

For a trendy and modern way of wearing your jewelry, you may mix and match your metals. You may start wearing gold rings and silver rings together, and go for a more advanced way of wearing them on bracelets and necklaces. However, you may want to add a little separation between the mixing that you do. If you choose a statement necklace in gold metal, keep your silver earrings simple as well as a bracelet that works with the necklace. This way, your style will look less cluttered but still addresses the trend.

Update your metals by incorporating beads and pearls into your layers.

casual outfit with layered bracelets tribal necklace with gold cuffs and white outfit pearl necklace with feminine outfit jeweled necklace with silver bracelets gold chain necklace with watch and bracelets

Accessorizing rules have said that wear your gold with gold, jewels with jewels, pearls with pearls. However, you can break these rules as long as you keep your style fashionable and personalized. If your pearl necklace is feeling a bit staid, try layering it with other necklaces to create this classic look with a twist. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, update your pearls by wearing them with other metals or even with jeweled necklaces. Pearls are undoubtedly the most classic jewelry pieces you can own and wearing them with trendy and modern jewelry can make your outfit look modern classic.

Stick to the theme of your looks.

bib necklace with printed outfit statement necklace and earrings ruby necklace and earrings with party outfit vintage outfit with haute couture earrings and banglesromatic jewelry with chiffon blouse patent leather and camel top with bib necklace diamond necklace and earrings with striped top

Whether you’re a fan of vintage, traditional, classic, or modern look, stick to the theme of your looks when deciding which jewelry to wear with your outfit. You may repeat a pop of color for a coordinated look. For instance, if you have a lot of colorful statement and bib necklaces that you want to update, take one color from the necklace and use it to add another piece of jewelry in that color. Though you have unique jewelry pieces, the repeated colors will connect them and make them look coordinated. You may also think of repeating designs such as floral, spiral, geometric, and chain styles for a cohesive look.

Layer your necklaces, bracelets, and rings accordingly.

grunge outfit with gold cuff and statement rings layered-bracelet-with-bandeau-top-and-skinny-jeans layered necklace with fur vest and coat layered necklace with tweed top and jeans

Stacking your bracelets, layering your necklaces, and wearing your multiple rings altogether can be a bit daunting. Though the more the merrier, you may think of the coordinated length of your necklaces so you can wear them in a streamlined way. You can take this trend a step further by adding multiple layered necklaces at once or just adding a single strand long necklace to beef up the layering. When it comes to stacking bracelets, you can mix gold and silver, add a watch, do the trend formal or casual that can make even the simplest of outfits look updated.

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