How to Make Your Wardrobe Work for You

Fashion is often thought to be the realm of the privileged that can buy designer clothes and multiple basics, but it’s actually an expression of your individuality regardless of your age, nationality, and race. It is also a powerful social tool when used properly, so keep on reading to make your wardrobe work for you and strategically embrace fashion.

Dress for your image and personality.

casual jeans with fur leatehr jacket

sweater with striped skirt sheer black maxi dress with heels printed skirt with summer top

We’ve all been told to “dress for the job we want,” but it pays to broaden that philosophy to our identity at large. Instead of following what’s trendy this season, dress for your image and personality. Starting thinking about the role you want to play and the image you’d like to project so you’ll know where to start. You may draw inspirations from fashion bloggers and fashion icons to let you develop your own look. Follow the fashion lead of the highest ranking woman in your office, or if you’re an entrepreneur, identify your professional icon and carve your visual niche in a similar realm. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may have a romantic fashion personality that you find yourself attracted to dresses, skirts, and feminine outfits. Or, you simply favor casual jeans and a basic tee as your fashion uniform that reflects your relaxed personality.

Be unique and original.

layered fall outfit with cuffed jeans structured leather skirt with chunky sweater and peep toe boots silk blazer with pants and edgy shoes sexy black dress with colorful winged dress

We all have our own trademark and image as well as fashion style that can differ us from the rest. You may be buttoned up with bohemian friends, but you’ll notice that one is more “real” than the other. Whether you’re in the office or on the streets, be unique and original by playing with different silhouettes, color palettes, and fashion styles. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may have an eye for a black dress for your upcoming party, but make your looks a bit unique by opting for a pair of colorful winged heels like she did. Wearing a layered outfit differently, wearing your office blazers in unexpected ways and such can make your style unique and original. Remember, embracing fashion is a tool for self-discovery that will help you radiate uniqueness and originality.

Invest in only what matters.

black tee with wrap skirt button front skirt with casual top striped sweater with leather skirt ugg boots with black coat

Instead of going for “fast fashion” clothes, go for sustainable ones. Choose pieces carefully as they must flatter your individuality. Basic tee and denim skirt may be great if you have a casual fashion personality, while an all-black ensemble may be perfect for a woman with a minimalist style. You may able to find those items on sale, but most of the time you may think of investing in them at full price. Just make your own list and set financial boundaries so your time and effort will pay off. This way, you’ll make your wardrobe work for you.

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