How to Make Your Laidback Style Chic with Johanna Olsson

If you’re a low-maintenance woman and you have a laidback style, chances are you always resort to tee and jeans outfit combination and sneakers are your go-to footwear. However, you can always add some sophisticated and chic vibe to your looks while keeping it laidback and effortless. Johanna Emma Olsson is a fashion blogger from Stockholm, Sweden known for her approachable and attainable style mixed with luxury fashion. So, keep on reading for her style tricks.

Look classy with monochromatic outfits.

camo pants with loose tee and patent sandals

silk slip dress with pink designer bag and fur slip on sandals leather leggings with blazer and sheer top

If you usually wear your white tee with your blue jeans, it’s time to elevate your looks while staying true to your personal style. Going for a monochromatic will make your outfits look classy even if you still wear your favorite jeans and comfy top. Like Johanna, think of a pair of camo pants that will blend well with a comfy tee and a pair of heels. If you wish for a feminine and trendy look, think of a pastel pink slip dress teamed with a designer bag and comfy slip on sandals that will look chic yet laidback like Johanna wore.

Dress up your casual outfits with investment bags.

chanel designer bag with casual outfit louis vuitton designer bag with casual outfit denim dress with louis vuitton designer bag

Investment bags may be a bit luxurious but it can dress up your most casual outfits. “I want my blog to feel like that stylish friend of yours with a closet full of Chanels you could ask for anything!” Johanna says. Like her, you may think of a designer bag that you already have, or even a smart-looking bag in a structured shape that will look great with your go-to outfits. Crossbody bags look more effortlessly chic over shoulder bags and clutches and they will keep your hands-free while dressing up your denim dresses and jeans.

Play with structure and silhouette.

architectural top with leather leggings eccentric shirt with jeans asymmetric sweater with cuffed trousers

Adding some flair to your outfits can be done by playing with your outfit structure and silhouettes. Like Johanna, you may think of an asymmetric sweater that will look chic yet laidback with your favorite trousers. Or, add some modern feel to your urban style with an architectural top teamed with leather trousers. A billowy yet comfy blouse teamed with skinny jeans will give an effortless feel while giving you a carefree look.

Add some statement with structured coats or printed jackets.

camel coat with casual outfit chic blazer with casual outfit camo jacket with metallic silver oxfords

Depending on your personality, you may go for military jackets, camouflage coats, structured blazer, and even a classic camel coat to add some statement to your street style. Like Johanna, think of a camo jacket that will look edgy with a pair of metallic silver oxfords, making your casual street style a bit unexpected. Or, dress up your favorite jeans with a classic blazer or a camel coat that will make your casual style chic. By heeding these tricks from Johanna, you’ll make your everyday style laidback yet chic.

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