How to Make Pastels Look Less Girly

Surprisingly, this winter, pastel colors have been included in the list of the hottest trends to try out and while you shouldn’t be having any trouble at all with sporting these hues, sometimes it all just gets a bit too sweet and soft, don’t you think? When you think of pastel colors, don’t you often think of girly-girl looks? Well, today, we’re going to show you how to change your perception about pastels being for ultra feminine looks only and we’ll be showing you how to make pastels look less girly as well. Check out these tips and ideas below.

  • WEAR THEM WITH SNEAKERS – often, when we see a gorgeous pastel piece, the look that comes to mind is a cutesy little outfit that’s capped off with either flats or heels. If you want to make your pastel colored pieces look less girly, one of the things you can do is wear them with sneakers. This will automatically give your whole look more street style cred and your pastel piece a bit of that tomboy vibe and a much sportier look.

sneakers and pink pastel coat

sneakers and pastel outfit sneakers and pastel jumper sneakers and pastel jacket

  • CHOOSE PASTEL COLORED PIECE IN BOXY SHAPES – adding shape and structure to a pastel colored piece will make it look more stiff (in a good way) and solid instead of it being just soft and flowy, thus making it look less girly yet still stylish and chic. Of course, you can still wear feminine pieces like skirts and dresses as long as they’re not too skintight nor too flowy.

boxy pastel shorts boxy pleated skirt boxy blue shirt

  • JUST A POP OF PASTEL – another really easy way to make your pastels look less girly is to wear less of it. An outfits that’s pastel colored from head to toe will most definitely give you a soft and girly look but if you wear other colors with it, both darker and brighter ones, your pastel colored pieces won’t look as dainty. This will also give your outfits more depth and dimension so you’re assured that it won’t end up looking boring at all.

pop of pastel bag and shoes pop of pastel coat pop of pastel layered shirt pop of pastel sandals

  • TRY A PASTEL SUIT – give pastel hues a macho vibe by wearing them on your suit. Pastel suits are perfect for when you either want to suit up but don’t want to look too masculine or when you want to wear pastel colors but don’t want to end up with an outfit that’s too soft and sweet. Perfectly balanced, perfectly chic – that’s what a pastel suit is.

suit in pastel and soft color suit in pastel green suit in pastel pink


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