How To Make a Rubber Stamp Print T-shirt – Easy tutorial !

How To Make a Rubber Stamp Print T-shirt  – step by step tutorial :How To Make a Rubber Stamp Print T-shirt

Turn a plain t-shirt into a one-of-a-kind piece by block printing with your own custom stamp. Follow along with the video and then find the full step-by-step tutorial below. This project originally appeared in the Autumn Issue of Rue Magazine.


Shirt, prewashed, Oil- based block printing ink, Block printing block, Lino Cutter, Brayer

DIY  Rubber Block Printing Shirt Tutorial


1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need a prewashed tshirt, stamp carving block, carving tool, brayer, oil-based block printing ink, pencil and ruler.DIY  Rubber Block Printing Shirt Tutorial

2. Sketch out your arrow design in pencil on your carving block. You can do this with a ruler, or download our arrow end pattern here.

How To Make a Rubber Stamp for t shirt printing

3. After you have the entire design sketched, start by carving around the outline of your design. (If you need some tips on carving a stamp, here are our pro tips.)

diy rubber stamp design

4. Carve away from yourself and don’t try to remove too much material at once.

how to carve rubber stamp

5. After you have outlined the fine details of the design, carve away the large carving rubber stamp

6. Roll out the ink using a brayer. A steel bench plate is traditional for this step, but we find that an inexpensive ceramic tile from the hardware store works just as well.

how to print t shirt with rubber stamp

7. Place a magazine inside your shirt to protect the fabric on the other side and give you a nice, even surface for stamping.

Rubber Stamp Print T-shirt tutorial step by step

8. Use the brayer to apply ink to your stamp. Test on a scrap piece of fabric or paper before stamping your shirt.

How To Make a Rubber Stamp guide

9. Starting in the center, apply your stamp to your shirt and press firmly to transfer the ink.

How To Make a Rubber Stamp Print T-shirt tutorial

10. Working outwards, continue stamping. We alternated the orientation of the stamp each time, too.

DIY  Rubber Block Printing Shirt

11. When you’re finished stamping, allow the ink to try. Then follow the instructions on the ink to heat set if required.

How To Make DIY Rubber Stamp Print T-shirt

12. That’s it, you’re finished! Wear and enjoy!

DIY Stamp Print T-shirt

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