How to Look Terrific in a Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are certified wintertime classics. But for some reason, most ladies have distaste for this classic piece of clothing. If you are one of these girls, you’ll surely have your perceptions changed with these terrific styling tips for your turtlenecks.grey turtleneck sweater

Go Light

Heavy-knit turtlenecks are good for the winter. But if they prove to be too bulky for you, go on the lighter side with a lightweight turtleneck. What’s great about this top is that it’s perfect for layering, so you can achieve immense warmth in style.

fine knit turtleneck black fine knit turtleneck

Go Short

If the traditional turtleneck seems too loose for you, then go on the ‘short’ end of things with a cropped turtleneck. This top is easy to pair with anything, be it leggings, high-waisted pants, even a maxi skirt. If you want, you can wear another top underneath for more torso warmth.

cropped turtleneck with maxi skirt cropped turtleneck and plaid pants

Go Sleeveless

Although it’s freezing cold outside, you can still look suave in a sleeveless turtleneck! This alone is perfect for summer/spring, but you are definitely going to need some layers for this winter season. You can wear it with a coat or a jacket for a stylish office attire. You can also achieve a fresh look by layering it on top of a dress or a long sleeved blouse.

burgundy sleeveless turtleneck black sleeveless turtleneck

Go Printed

While plain-colored tops are classically stylish, a printed turtleneck can add some spunk to your winter wardrobe. You can easily pair this with plain-colored bottoms. However, you can also go the extra fashion mile by wearing it with printed bottoms (think about print on print.)

printed turtleneck leopard print turtleneck

Be Dressy

Turtlenecks are not just reserved for tops, they can take the form of dresses as well. If you are not in the mood for mixing and pairing, then what you need to do is choose a turtleneck dress. it looks luxurious by itself, though it would not hurt to layer it with other items of clothing.

white turtleneck dress black turtleneck dress

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