How to Look Stylish in Corduroy

A textile standing in the line between dressy and casual, corduroy seems a little warmer and cozier than denim in frosty weather. The shiny material gives off a dressy impression that makes it easily wearable to any fancy event that calls for some dressing up. However, it can be a challenge to wearing them as they often get a bad rap for looking masculine or dated. Looking for ways to give you a flirtier or more modern look? Keep on reading for guidelines on how to look stylish in corduroy.

corduroy culottes with fitted top

corduroy flared jeans with tribal print top orange corduroy pants with shirt

Since corduroy is originally worn by kings and noblemen in Europe, the term was actually referred to as “the cloth of the king” during the French royal court in the 1600s. A fabric comprised of chords in vertical lines, corduroy is thick, soft, and very durable that gives you a great style without compromising comfort. Corduroy sometimes give off a retro vibe, so dress them up with modern ensembles to keep the luxurious feel without looking like a woman came from another era.

brown corduroy pants with jacket corduroy pants with chic top corduroy pants with casual top

For instance, women can wear corduroy pants that are usually casual but can be dressier when smaller ribs are chosen. Wide cords may make the look free, bohemian and rustic while finer cords make for a formal wear. So, when choosing for corduroy pants, stay away from boot-cut styles that are reminiscent of the bell bottoms prevalent in the ‘70s. Instead, go for slim-fitting cords that look like jeans or even a straight-leg or skinny one that is versatile and stylish. Solid colored corduroy pants are universal like jeans that can go with nearly anything as long as the tops are not too wild. Casual pants come in all variations of colors, while the dressier ones are usually darker browns, tans, black, gray and such. The pants can be worn with button-up shirts, knitted tops, turtlenecks, structured jackets, fluid tops and such that can be dressy, semi-casual, or professional.

corduroy skirt with chic top corduroy skirt with striped tee corduroy-miniskirt-with-button-down-shirt corduroy skirt with white top

Though corduroy skirts may scream “I’m in middle school”, when paired with classic ensembles like button-down shirt, striped tee, crop top, and ankles boots, the look can instantly shift to a modern one. Corduroy skirts can be formal or casual depending on the size of the ribs and the color. Skirts above the knee are more office-friendly while miniskirts are great for a sexy casual style on the streets.

black corduroy dress with gold pumps black corduroy dress with sandals corduroy dress with sandals

Though corduroy is one of the unconventional fabrics for dresses, they can still look chic and sophisticated with a great choice of color and style. Take advantage of the delicate flow of the fabric that gives off a preppy impression and style them with your chic accessories for a statement. A statement necklace with gemstones and a pair of gold pumps can easily glam your look while keeping that comfy feel.

black corduroy jacket with edgy outfit burgundy coat with edgy outfit red corduroy jacket burgundy corduroy jacket with arty outfit

Women also have the option of wearing dressy or professional attire with a corduroy blazer, jacket, and coat. In order to be considered dressy, the jacket must be finely ribbed and should not be worn with other fabrics that are textured or overly patterned. You may simply find a corduroy jacket in classic shades of red, burgundy, blue, black, brown, and such that will harmonize well with the rest of your ensemble. Also, cut and style must look completely flattering on your body frame.

corduroy overalls corduroy overalls with feminine blouse corduroy matching set

When wearing corduroy head-to-toe like overalls, or matching set, keep in mind the proper style for your frame. If you are short in height, wear corduroy with vertical cords to add to your vertical length. If you’re curvy, avoid wearing corduroys with wide cords as this will only add volume to your body frame making you look heavier. Instead, go for ones with smaller and finer cords.


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