How to Look Stylish at the Gym

Losing weight is tough work. You need to subject your body to physical stresses – just to sweat out the pint of ice cream that you have devoured the night before. Although gym work is not glamorous, you can still achieve a high-fashion advert look. Here are some fashion cues that will render you the trendiest gal in the gym.

Sport a Unique Top

Racerbacks and dry-fit tees are great for work-outs, but they are just too plain. Add some life to your gym wardrobe by wearing unique tops, such as this floral sweatshirt (as donned by Vanessa Hudgens.)

floral sweatshirt

Another fashionable piece to wear is a loose off-shoulder top. Not only will it make you look sexy, it gives you the freedom of movement that you need.

unique top

If you like flaunting your tummy, then why not sport a crop top instead of the usual sports bra? It is a sexy yet stylish way to work out in the gym.

crop top

Be Bright

Blue, Black and White are good work-out hues, but if you want to stand out from the rest, add a splash of color to your gym garb. Neon colors such as orange and yellow are excellent choices not only for tops, but for bottoms as well.

colorful top

neon top

Another item that will benefit from brightness is your shoe. Be stunning from head to toe by sashaying in colorful and stylish sneakers.

bright sneakers

Show Some Legs

Leggings and jogging pants are reliable classic bottoms for work-out wear, but if you want to be the fashionista that you are, show your toned, sculpted legs. Do so with cute, colorful shorts that are both stylish and comfortable.

unique shorts


Break the Monotony

Solid color pairings are often seen in gym wardrobe. While it is a reliable match-up, it can be boring. Break your tedious look by opting for unique prints and designs. For example, a striped legging can add some style to your white bra top.

printed bottoms

Bag it Up

Fashion is comprehensive, so make sure to channel that to your gym tote. Choose a stylish yet functional one, so you can look impeccable without leaving half of your gym materials at home.

gym tote

The gym can make you break a sweat, although you can look mod while doing so. With these gym garb tips, you will surely turn heads.

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