How to Look Sporty This Summer with Erika Boldrin

Summer season is full of adventures, beach trips, and road trips with friends. If you wish to make your style summer-friendly, you might be thinking of breezy outfits, effortless looks, and sporty style. Mind behind the My Free Choice blog, Erika Boldrin is a Milan-based blogger known for her sporty cool looks that can be mirrored from her casual to more feminine outfits. If you wish to look sporty this summer season, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Trade your summer sandals to a pair of sporty sneakers.

casual outfit with sneakers

sneakers with urban outfit sneakers with slit skirt and slouchy top sneakers with printed skirt and crop sweater pink dress with crop top and sneakers

Save your summer sandals at the beach and resort to a pair of sneakers that will make your summer looks sporty cool. Like Erika, you may go for a pair of white tennis shoes that will complement your dressy outfits like printed skirts, slit skirts, pastel dresses, and full skirts. Since it’s the perfect time to show some skin, copy Erika’s style by going for an architectural skirt teamed with lightweight top and sneakers. If you’re planning to have some walk in the town, think of a casual tee and full skirt that will look perfectly chic with a pair of sneakers.

Mix your sporty pieces with chic ensembles.

bomber jacket with edgy outfit summer whites with strappy sandals sporty cool outfit sporty cold shoulder top with skirt leopard print dress with blazer

To avoid looking like heading to the ballpark, try to mix your sporty pieces like joggers, sweatshirts, jerseys, boxer shorts, and varsity jackets with your chic pieces like blazer, pencil skirt and such. Like Erika, you may channel some modern and sporty look by wearing your leopard print sporty dress with a chic blazer and a pair of heels. Bomber jacket with athletic stripes scream sporty, but if you find them too hot for the summer, save them for your summer trips to keep you warm on the plane or bus.

Embrace your casual cool outfits to evoke some sporty vibe.

casual tee with slit skirt and lace up sandals wrap denim skirt with white shirt tweed denim dress with sneakers studded shorts with yellow top and espadrilles striped top with culottes denim skirt with slouchy top

If you don’t have any athletic piece, take advantage of your casual items that will add some laidback vibe to your summer looks. Like Erika, a denim dress can look sporty cool when teamed with a pair of sneakers. Or, think of a slit maxi skirt that will look cool with your gray tee paired with lace-up heels. If you wish for a more polished look, think of a striped tee and a pair of culottes that will give your summer style a bit of nautical vibe while looking cool in the heat.

Add some edge to your style with leather ensembles.

breezy top with leather skirt studded leather skirt with jacket and edgy sneakers printed pants with white top and architectural heels leather jacket with shirt dress and architectural heels

Sporty doesn’t mean looking athletic all the time and wearing sneakers on your street looks. You can create some sporty look, which means cool yet not sophisticated enough, by wearing your leather skirt with your white shirtdress like Erika did. If a leather jacket seems too hot in the summer, simply tie it on your waist just to give your some edgy yet cool style. Indeed, summer is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor adventures with a sporty look.

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