How to Look Sophisticated in Denim Cut Offs

Denim cut offs are the perfect summer bottoms to wear, especially on a lazy day when you don’t want anything too complicated and you just want something casual, easy and laidback but also still chic and stylish. Because of its looks, the traditional pair of denim cut offs have a very street style –ish kind of vibe to it, making them perfect for everyday wear. If you want something dressier and more polished, though, denim cut offs may be the last thing on your list. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Here are some tips on how to look sophisticated in denim cut offs.

  • WEAR THEM CLEAN – aside from being fresh from the wash, what I mean by clean is un-ripped, un-distressed and un-tattered but instead, as crisp as possible. This will help give it that nice, clean, classic look. A nice fit and a clean silhouette would also help give this street style summer staple a more polished and sophisticated look. If you’re all about getting really dressy with them, cuff up the frayed hems too.

clean with frayed hems

clean and classic

  • WEAR THEM WITH HEELS – another way to make any outfit with denim cut off shorts look classy and sophisticated is to finish them off with a pair of heels. We all know heels never fail in making an outfit look more grown-up and classy and that’s exactly what it does with denim cut offs. Be sure to stick to a simple design instead of a gimmicky statement pair to keep the look neutral.

heels and denim cut offs by beyonce heels lace up style

  • WEAR IT WITH A CRISP BUTTON DOWN – dress up your denim cut offs by pairing them with a nice and crisp button down. White works well but any other color, print or pattern would do nicely, too. Make sure to iron all the wrinkles out of your shirt to add that well put together vibe.

button up and shorts by alexa chung button up and shorts

  • WEAR IT WITH A BLAZER – feel like adding more layers to your look for extra street style cred? How about topping off your ensemble with a gorgeous blazer jacket? One with shoulder pads will definitely give your ensemble that business casual vibe though you can also skip that and go with a slouchier one if you’re aiming for the cool girl look. For a chilly summer night, you can pair up your cut offs with a coat, too.

blazer and shorts outfit blazer and distressed cut offs

  • WEAR IT SIMPLE – the last thing you need to remember when trying to make denim cut off shorts look more sophisticated is to wear it simple. Do not go overboard with your accessories and always choose clean lines and simple silhouettes when looking for other pieces to wear your cut offs with.

simple outfit by taylor swift simple double denim look

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