How to Look Military Chic

The military uniform has long been a sign of patriotism and courage. But in the past few years, it has served as chic fashion inspiration. In fact, the biggest names in couture have used the uniform to fuel their runway collections. Be the stylish soldier that you are by honoring the troops with these military chic fashion ideas:

Army Green is In

Military chic is not always about cargos, camos and rivets. Sometimes, achieving the look is as simple as using its basic color – army green. Avoid army overload by using only one piece of such hue.

army green jumpsuit

army green

Go Cargo

A cargo-inspired wardrobe is as fashionable as it is functional, given its many pockets. For an androgynous look this look, pair your cargo jacket with feminine wear, such as a dress.

cargo jacket

army blazer

Opt for Double Breasted Wear

Another signature military look is the double breasted coat. A structured blazer of such design is a great topper for the coming winter.

double breasted jacket

In the mood for party? Be the military babe in a double breasted dress.

double breasted jacket

Look Golden with Gold Accents

Apart from the army green color, military uniforms are known for its gold accents. Incorporate this in your chic look by picking items with gold embellishments. Patched and belted jackets are good examples of accented, army-inspired wear.

gold accent.

Etch it with an Epaulette

An epaulette is a sign of rank in the army. But in the world of fashion, it is a stylish ornament to decorate the shoulders. While there are many epauletted tops and dresses out there, you can make one for yourself! All you just need is a handcrafted epaulette, threads and needles.



Be Haute with a Military Hat

A military hat is a chic way to shield your face from the scorching sun. Its structured design makes it perfect for all kinds of attires – from casual to classy.

military hat

Flaunt your Boot-y

To get the military chic look, don’t forget to suit up in military boots. Not only is it stylish, it is the perfect footwear to have this autumn and winter.

military style dress with fur jacket

The military chic look is easy to pull off, with the many army-inspired pieces out there. Just remember, use only one piece at a time. Avoid going overboard, lest you want to be mistaken for the real deal.

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