How to Look Fancy at Winter Parties

Winter is a season of celebrations as it comes with holiday parties, late night dinner with friends, and weddings. While you have your outfits for grand events all set, knowing how to implement small changes into your attire will give you a fancy look without being too gaudy or over-the-top. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to look fancy at winter parties.

Resort to chic and thicker fabrics to keep you fancy.

black brocade party gown

floral print matching set with red pumps collared fur dress with structured bag

Winter doesn’t mean you have to go for bulky layers just to keep you warm, especially when you’re heading to a party. The key is to opt for thicker fabrics that will provide you some warmth while keeping you chic. Some of them can be velvet, brocade, fur, leather, wool, and even knits. They say wearing velvet was once a sign of wealth and high social status. So, opt for good quality velvet in the right color to give you some luxurious look. Winter nights call for deep colored velvet like maroon, midnight blue, bottle green or the ever elegant black. Sometimes lace can still work in the winter depending on the fabric construction and thickness of the textile. However, do not wear too much lace and do not show way too much skin through the lace than necessary as it will completely offset the look you are aiming for.

Top your traditional party dress with a coat.

party dress with fur trimmed coat silk dress with forest green coat sequin dress with animal print coat

If you have a lot of party dresses that you usually wear in the warmer months, extend them in the winter by topping it with a coat. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, think of a metallic floral print dress that looks creative and fancy with a forest green coat and printed pumps. Or, make your sequined black dress timeless by wearing it with a leopard print coat like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did.

Add some fur accent to glam up your party looks.

denim jacket with fur scarf and abstract print midi skirt knitted sweater with fur skirt fur skirt with sailor blazer

Fur can double up as a warmer and classy accent that can glam up your party looks. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, make your denim jacket a bit dressy with a fur scarf that will look perfect when teamed with an abstract print midi dress. Or, make your basic turtleneck sweater party ready by wearing it with a fur skirt that looks fancy.

Go for a whimsy and playful style.

tulle skirt with knitted sweater knitted turtleneck with tulle skirt avant garde winter coat

To make your party style fancy, think of a tulle skirt, princess-like dresses, and even chic coats that will give you a whimsy and playful look. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, opt for a tulle skirt instead of a fur skirt that will look a bit playful with your basic turtleneck sweater. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get that fancy look on your upcoming party this winter.

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