How to Look Cute in Culottes

Wearing culottes (or gauchos) can be tricky, given its swingy volume and unpredictable length. Although most deem it hard to pull off, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lawrence prove that culottes can be hot too! Whether you are petite or tall, plus-sized or stick-thin, here are some tips that can help you pull off a cute look in culottes:

Mind the Length

Culottes come in a variety of lengths, but for the best look, wear those that end at the mid-calf section. From here on out, you can style your gauchos as if you are wearing a midi skirt.

white culotte get-up

Have a short frame? Choose culottes that end below the knee – lest you want to end up like you are wearing long, wide-legged pants.

culottes with pointy pumps

casual top and culottes

Treat it Like a Midi Skirt

How would you style a midi skirt? That is the very answer you need when it comes to styling culottes. Since they look like flowy skirts (and most are high-waisted too,) they are best worn with tucked-in blouses and cropped tops.

white top and culottes

black crop top and white culottes

Balance the Look

Balance is important when it comes to wearing gauchos. Since culottes have the swingy effect on the legs, wear them with form-fitting tops. Avoid wearing loose tees as it can make you look bigger than usual.

crop top and culottes

Wear Culottes with Sexy Pumps

Because of its length, wearing gauchos with flats is a no-no, especially in the cases of petite ladies. Sexy heels are best with culottes, since they can add height. Most importantly, it can make your legs look slimmer too. Other great footwear options for culottes include boots and platform shoes.

fall fashion with culottes

fall layering with culottes

crop top with culottesStyle it For the Season

Culottes are often used in the summer, but they can be worn this fall as well! The key to a chic autumn look is to layer your tops. Wear your culottes with a fine blouse and a structured blazer – a scarf even! From here, you have got a look that is sleek enough to take to the office.

tucked in top with culotte

culottes for the office

culottes and pointy pumps

Don’t be afraid to wear your gauchos! With the right layering and styling, you might end up loving this more than your tried-and-tested denim pants and black trousers.

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