How to Look Classy with Sneakers

When we think of sneakers, we immediately think of casual cahoots and athletic activities. But do you know that you can transform these shoes into high-fashion pieces as well? Just follow these styling tips for trendy wardrobes that revolve around your fave sneaks.

Look Tailored

Sneakers are casual shoes you can take for long walks and nonstop shopping. But if you want to make them look more sophisticated, do remember to wear them with tailored pieces. A formal blazer and a button-down shirt are just some of the items you need for a classy look.

sneakers and a button down top

blazer with sneakers black blazer and sneakers

Choose Luxurious Elements

Another way to inject some elegance to your sneaker-oriented outfit is to wear clothes made from luxurious elements. Pieces made from lace, faux fur and silk are good items to wear with your sneaks. Sequined and bejeweled clothes will look stunning with your sporty shoes as well.

lace dress and sneakers fur coat with sneakersfur and sneakers

Dress to Impress

Sneakers – when worn with a cute dress – can bring out your pretty yet playful side. Not only will you look pretty in this outfit, you can feel free to run and move about as you want! Taylor Swift always does it, so why don’t you?

dress with sneakers dress and sneakers gray dress and sneakers

Go Mini

Add a feminine touch to your outfit by wearing your sneakers with a mini skirt. Go the extra mile by sporting a flirty skirt, and not just the usual styles. Think about frills, sequins and other seductive embellishments. The contrast between these two pieces can bring a casual glamour to your look.

skirt with sneakersblack mini skirt and sneakers

Show Some Legs

If you dislike super short skirts, there is still a way to show your luscious legs. You can do that with a high-slit skirt, a high-fashion item that shows some skin – without baring it all. This gam-revealing skirt is a sexy bottom to wear with your favorite sneakers, as the shoes can add a dash of boyishness to your super girly outfit.

high slit skirt and sneakers high slit skirt with sneakers

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