How to Keep Curly Hair in Great Shape Despite the Hot Weather

If you think having naturally straight hair is a lot of struggle, think again. Having naturally curly hair is way more of a challenge. Curly hair may seem fun and all but keeping it looking good can be a real struggle. Curls, sweat and sun just don’t make a good match but, unfortunately, it’s what women with natural curls have to live with every day. If you have curls, check out these tips on how to keep curly hair in great shape despite the hot weather. These will come in handy, especially now that summer is almost in full blast.

  • PREP YOUR MANE – we know how you hair gets after a little heat and sweat exposure: frizzy, untamed and just straight up wild. The best thing to do to avoid this is to prepare your hair for what’s to come. Do a protective hairstyle if you know you have a busy day outdoors ahead. If it’s wash day, get up early so you have time to air dry your hair.

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  • AVOID TIGHT HAIRSTYLES – whether your hair is naturally straight or curly, tight hairstyles are always a no-no. If you must wear these, make sure you don’t do so every single day. Tight hairstyles will pull on your hair and make them fall off and it can also change your natural curl patterns which may lead to the over-moisturization of your hair – something you wouldn’t want to do during a hot summer day.

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  • PROTECT IT FROM THE SUN – because the sun is getting more and more harsh each day, your hair needs all the protection it can get. When choosing hair products that will stay on your hair while you’re outdoors, choose those that contain some form of SPF protection. This will help keep your curls looking great despite the extreme heat.

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  • WASH IT RIGHT – yes, there is a right and wrong way to wash your hair and the best way to do it depends on what kind of hair you have. There are lots of hair washing ‘techniques’ and these include the No Poo technique, scalp washing, plain cleaning and co-washing with the latter being the most popular for women with curly hair.

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  • REFRESH YOUR HAIR TRHOUGH OUT THE DAY – sweat can dry out curly hair so if you want to keep your locks looking fresh and fab all day long, make sure to refresh it throughout the day. A light hair mist is something no woman with curly hair should ever be without during the summer. It not only keeps hair looking good but it makes it smell nice as well.

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