How to Give Your Everyday Looks the Cinderella Touch

Disney is releasing a live action film of the beloved classic fairytale we all grew up listening to that is Cinderella and I’m sure that you’re just as excited as I am to watch this film once it hits the theaters. Growing up reading Cinderella and then later on watching it as a cartoon movie made me want to dress up like a princess. Now, I’m too old to play dress up but the live action movie is inspiring me to go for the princess look yet again. If you, too, are feeling the urge to relive your childhood dress up days, check out these ideas on how to give your everyday looks the Cinderella touch.

  • BLUER THAN BLUE – forget about pink, blue is the new princess hue. Get that Cinderella-esque vibe for your everyday look by wearing shades of blue like grayish blue, baby blue or periwinkle. This comes from Cinderella’s blue ball gown which was given to her by her fairy godmother. You don’t have to sport a monochromatic outfit to get the look though you’ll want to make sure that blue is the dominant color in your outfit to pull it off.

light blue cinderella inspired dress

light blue dress

  • ADD A TOUCH OF SILVER SPARKLE – to give your outfit that magical fairytale vibe, add a touch of silver sparkle to your look. Opting for metallic silver pieces is a great way to add a sleek and modern edge if you don’t want your outfit to be too princess-y. For a more glamorous option, silver glitters, sequins and/or crystal gems and stones would be great ways to sneak in some silver sparkle to your outfit.

silver modern cinderella inspired outfit silver sparkle jewelrysilver sparkle shoes and purse

  • HINT OF GIRLY FINESSE – adding the Cinderella touch to your everyday look could also mean making your everyday look a little more girly than it usually is. Add touches of lace to get a daintier look or embellish your look with a bow for a pretty finish. Want a more sophisticated touch? How about some pearls here and there?

girly and sophisticated girly outfit

  • CINDERELLA COLOR COMBOS – though blue is the primary / dominant color in Cinderella’s looks, she does wear other outfits throughout the film (in the cartoon movie, at least). An example of this would be the first set of clothes she was wearing as a regular girl and the other one would be the pink dress that her ‘friends’ (read: the birds and the mice) made for her which was a pink ball gown. If you don’t particularly like blue, you can opt for these colors or mix and match with them instead.

color combo brown and blue color combo cinderellla color combo pink and brown

  • ACCESSORIZE LIKE CINDERELLA – even as the poor step-daughter that she was in the beginning of the movie, Cinderella was no stranger to accessories. That headscarf she has could be something you can incorporate in your everyday look as well. Her headband and her choker are among the things that you see Cinderella accessorized with, too.

accessorized like cinderella

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