How to Get You Through the “Keep or Purge” Closet Dilemma

Have you ever had the “bursting clothes closet dilemma?” yet the “keep or purge” task may be frustrating for you. A closet purge may be one of the most challenging tasks to make at it’s a bit hard legging go of an item that you’ve spend a fortune into or you loved before. If you’re really stuck on letting something go, keep on reading for our tips to get you through the keep or purge dilemmas.

  1. Visualize the closet and goal you are trying to achieve.


striped-sweater-with-doc-marten-boots denim-jacket-with-skinny-jeans

If you’re overwhelmed by the task, simply remember why you’re doing this. A mantra like “I want a simple, clutter-free, closet” will help keep your head in the game. Remember, baptisms, weddings, networking events, job interviews, barbecues, holiday parties, and showers are some of the occasion where you’re so confused figuring out what to wear. To put an end to the closet dilemma once and for all, you have to purge your closet.

  1. Keep separate piles.

midi-skirt-with-black-top-and-bib-necklace white-shirtdress-with-silk-belt-scarfsexy-sheer-lace-dress

Instead of keeping all clothing in a closet at all times, keep separate piles and remove out-of-season item clothes. Also, you may start with 3 piles of need, wants, and maybes. The maybes are the items you’re really on the fence on. However, don’t let it sit there and ask yourself if the item you’re looking at gives you joy. If not, get rid of it immediately whether that means taking it to your donation center or giving it away to family and friends. If you find it hard to donate clothes straight away, store them in a secondary cupboard first. When items still never get looked at after a few months, then they are up for donation. Remember, you have to prepare and store your winter wardrobe so that it can be worn well and they can contribute to a “working” closet.

  1. Don’t second-guess yourself.

avant-garde-black-dress sequined-skirt-with-cropped-shirt mesh-top-with-bralette-and-skinny-jeans

The general rule is that you discard clothes that you have not worn for 1 year. If something went on purge pile, there is a good reason so follow your instincts and resist the urge to pull it back. If something should be given away, give it away. Your mind will try and justify it by creating excess, so know when it’s right or not. Remember, if you only own choices that you love, that fit, and that flatter you, getting dressed suddenly become very easy.

  1. Take breaks.

cobalt-blue-tunic-dress crop-top-with-dress-pants white-jeans-with-denim-jacket

Just because you are clearing out your closet doesn’t mean you can‘t take breaks. You may play light music that’s soothing and relaxing that can put you in a better mood to purge your closet. However, when you feel really drained or emotionally exhausted take a break and come back to it in 15 minutes or a half hour. After you are done with your closet purge, have a look at your closet again. It should now only contain the items you love and feel confident in. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to purge the things you don’t really need and get a functional closet that will serve you well.

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