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How to Get that Fabulous Summer Glow

With summer literally just a few couple of days away, I’m pretty sure you’re all excited about hitting the beach with your family and friends. Summer is the perfect time to show off your beautiful glowing skin. It’s something that a lot of women pride themselves in. However, we all know that having skin that glows and looks healthy isn’t as easy as we wish it would be. Your skincare regimen is something that you need to change every time the season changes. You have to make it appropriate for the current season so that your skin could get the most out of it. Healthy skin needs to be nourished. Here are some tips on how to get that fabulous summer glow.

  • Keep skin clean – summer days are hot which means that it’s inevitable for you to sweat a lot. Clean your skin, especially that on your face, with a cleanser that’s able to cater to your skin type. Remember that everyone’s skin is different so trying out several products before discovering what works best for you is something you might have to deal with. Wash up in the morning and carry around some cleansing wipes that you can use on your face all day, especially if you’re always outdoors. At night, remember to take all of your makeup off and, if you still have enough energy for it, take a nice relaxing shower to wash away the day’s dirt and debris left on your skin.

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  • Exfoliate – exfoliating gets rid of all the dead skin cells that’s probably making your skin look dry and patchy. Exfoliate regularly and try to incorporate it into your hygiene routine if you haven’t already. You should exfoliate at least twice or thrice a week. If you have sensitive skin, don’t skip exfoliating. Do it fewer times instead or use a gentler exfoliating product.

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  • Detoxify – there are lots of ways to detoxify and rid your body of waste and if you want to have healthy, glowing skin, you should detoxify in all ways you think you can (though not all at the same time, okay?). Detoxifying through your diet will cleanse your system and, in turn, will give you better skin. You can also detoxify by soaking up in the tub to get rid of stress so you can get that healthy glow. Exercise helps detoxify your system, too, by taking out toxins through sweating. Do what you can to get rid of any toxins from your body and see how your skin just glows afterwards.

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  • Moisturize – one of the most important things that you should do to get that fabulous summer glow is to moisturize your skin every single day, even when you have oily skin (just look for a moisturizer formulated for your skin type). Some women tend to skip moisturizing during summer because it makes them feel greasy. If you have the same problem, don’t skip it! Just look for a lighter weight moisturizer that absorbs easily.

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  • Use sunscreen – to keep your skin healthy and glowing, it has to be well-taken care of and protected from damage and one of the biggest things that can cause damage to the skin is the sun. Protect your skin from the sun by always wearing sunscreen. It would also help if you could switch up your regular products to ones that contain SPF protection.

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