How to Get Quirky and Chic This Fall with Denisia

While our society is governed by fashion trends that dictate that’s in or out, it’s safe to say that our style feeds have seen their fair share of linear black and white basics with comfortable athletic accents. The mind behind the Polishing Colors blog, Denisia is a London-based blogger known for her quirky and chic style, for where the most important thing to understand is that quirky is “weird” in an endearing way. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to add some quirky vibe to your chic style, keep on reading to scoop some style tricks from her.

Add some quirky touch to your chic outfits with cute and girly accessories.

floral necklace with sweater and white jeans

white dress with strappy sandals quirky fascinator with casual outfit

If you’re not ready to look girly and quirky on your outfits, bring it on with cute accessories. Like Denisia, you may simply go for a cute fascinator that can dress up your fall outfit of a striped top and a full skirt, or a floral headpiece that will make your chic white outfit girly. Going for a bib necklace with floral pendants can be romantic enough to dress up your basic sweater and jeans outfit while looking girly on your street style. You may also go for hair ribbons to up-dos to look more expressive and bold.

Mix romantic silhouettes with quirky details.

lace dress with quirky coat romantic skirt with structured burgundy jacket mermaid zipped skirt with cute top

Quirky girls tend to fall for dresses with pockets and a fun pattern but are just as often seen in strange ensembles of free-flowing blouses, tunics, and pants. Their style usually is not in keep with current fashion and in all likelihood would never have been considered fashionable. Like Denisia, you may opt for a lace dress, but add some fun to it with a printed coat with quirky accents. Also, think of a mermaid style of skirt that looks romantic and girly, but spice it up with a pair of classic pumps or structured jacket to tone it down.

Add a pop of color to your chic outfits.

circle midi skirt and chunky knit sweater with mustard pumps printed orange dress with denim jacket oversized sweater with yellow shorts and printed clutch

Bright colors can look elegant or quirky depending on its shade. Typically, yellow, oranges, and greens look quirky over jewel tones. Like Denisia, you may add some playful touch to your feminine full skirt and cozy sweater with a pair of yellow pumps, or add some quirky vibe to your chunky sweater with yellow-colored shorts. This way, you’ll look more vibrant and enigmatic this fall season without looking over the top.

Resort to touch-enticing textures on your fabrics.

fur scarf with chic fall outfit oversized sweater with leather joggers quirky clutch with jumpsuit and fringed jacket

Think of more exaggerated textures like fur, leather, suede, as well as frilly details and fringes. Like Denisia, you may dress up your plain white jumpsuit with a fringed jacket and a colorful clutch, or add some girly vibe to your fall outfit of button-down shirt and pastel skirt with fur scarf. With these styling tricks, you’ll make your street style a bit playful without losing your feminine flair.

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