How to Get Out of a Style Slump

Sometimes you discover you like a certain style and buy a few things in the style that you like until you realize your wardrobe is teeming with pieces that start to kind of look the same. If you find yourself buying the same type of style or color over and over again, you might be in a style slump. So, keep on reading for our guidelines so you’ll get out of your style comfort zone.

Revamp the items you have in your usual style choices.

floral print skirt with blazer

yellow top with tweed blazer and matching shorts graphic print skirt with white blazer

If you want to get out of your style slump, revamp the items you have in your usual style choices and pieces you love that will bring you closer to the multifunctional wardrobe you crave. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may team a bright yellow sweater to break up the monotony of your gray tweed matching set of blazer and shorts. Or, wear your blazer as a bolero belted with a graphic print skirt like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu did.

Get out of the style box and wear things in different ways.

knitted purple skirt with sweater tied inn neck and lace corset striped robe dress with silk scarf and boho pants striped blue robe shirtdress with over the knee white boots

If you always wear your pieces them the same way, it’s time to add some variety to your style. The challenge for you is to find ways to wear them differently. Is there a particular way you wear the item you shop too much for? If it’s strictly at nighttime or just for the office, think of wearing them daytime on your casual weekends. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone by picking a completely different way to wear it, from how you usually do. Like fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu, you may think of wearing your typical matching set of sweater and skirt by wearing your sweater as a scarf and your lace corset as your top teamed with skirt. Also, layers are great for dressing up or down an item. The good thing is since you have so much of the item, you won’t run out of clothes as your try it in different combinations and styles.

Shop outside your comfort zone.

cozy outfit with fur vest frayed coat with skinny jeans trench coat with sneakers

We often get in a style slump because we confine ourselves to one section of the store, or maybe select stores that we think fit our style, or that we can afford. Think of giving other stores a chance. If you stick too loyally to what works, you may have the same look over and over again. Try throwing a style wildcard in the mix and shop outside your comfort zone so you’ll get a more creative style.

Experiment with accessories.

fishnet tights with checkered coat and funky belt fishnet tights with grunge outfit and choker with classic blazer obi belt with pink sweater and nude pants

If you are more of a ‘less is more’ kind of girl, then look into getting some nice scarves, belts, necklace and such that can add a twist to your basic repertoire. If you want to try out a color you are not sure about start small with a scarf, or clutch in the color. Whether it’s an unexpected shirt, belt, or necklace adding things different slowly will make you feel more comfortable. This also works wonderfully if you want to update your look each season. By heeding our tricks, you’ll get out of your style slump, find new ways to wear what works, and help you shop smarter.

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