How to Get Natural Looking Fake Tan

Summer is in full blast but not everyone is willing to take the risk of getting all sorts of skin damage by lounging around under the sun to get a natural tan. If natural tanning isn’t your thing but you still want to get some color on your skin this summer, there are plenty of other options for you. You can get your tan on without lying on the sand under the sun on hours on end by either visiting a professional tanner or doing a fake tan yourself at home. If you do decide to do your fake tan yourself, though, take extra caution so you don’t end up looking like a huge blotchy mess. Here are some tips on how to get natural looking fake tan.

  • Do a patch test – a patch test is the very first thing you should do before you slather on any kind of fake tanner on yourself. This is important because this will determine whether or not you are allergic to the product or not. You wouldn’t want to find out about this after you’ve done your whole body. Do the patch test 24 to 48 hours before you do your fake tan so that your skin will have ample time to react to the product.

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  • Exfoliate before you tan – exfoliating helps you get rid of dead skin cells so you can have softer and smoother skin which is the ideal ‘canvass’ for doing a fake tan at home. When exfoliating before a tan, make sure you get into each and every nook and cranny so that you end up with a natural looking tan.

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  • Start dry – a lot of women make the mistake of starting their fake tanning session with damp skin because they see fake tanning products as something that the skin should fully absorb (like lotions of moisturizers) but that’s actually a mistake. To ensure that your fake tan goes on smoothly and evenly, it’s important that you start with dry skin all over.

eva longoria tan natural looking fake tan

  • Wear tanning mitts / gloves – your goal in fake tanning at home is not just to get some color on your skin but also to make that color as even and as natural as possible so it’s really important that you use tanning mitts or gloves on your hands so that they don’t end up looking orange / more tan than other parts of your body. Make sure you rub the product in real good when wearing gloves or mitts, though, so that your tan will not dry up streaky.

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  • The next exfoliation – the next time you exfoliate after a tan should be three days or more after the process. This is to ensure that the tan has fully clung on to your skin and wont rub off with the loofah or any other exfoliant you’ll be using.

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  • Strictly maintain your tan – the key to having natural looking fake tan all the time is to touch it up in time all the time as well. Maintaining your fake tan by reapplying product every week or so is the hardest thing to do but you should do it if you really want to look naturally tan.

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