How to Get Long Lasting Hair Color

If you want to spruce up your look without doing anything too drastic or dramatic, doing something different to your hair is usually one of the easiest and best ways to get the job done. You can have a haircut, have bangs or fringes added to your hair, get highlights or just dye your hair a different color altogether. Dyeing your hair in a color different from your natural one requires three things: 1) the confidence to rock the new color 2) the commitment to stick with your decision and 3) responsibility to maintain your new hair color to make sure it always looks gorgeous. Using hair coloring chemicals on your hair can make it dry and dull and we all know that dry and dull hair is never attractive or pretty so it’s important to take care of your hair when you dye it. You’ll want it to look fresh and, of course, last long. If you’re planning on getting your hair dyed or if you already have, check out these tips on how to get long lasting hair color.

  • Choose the right products – the products you use on colored hair will have an effect on how bright and shiny your hair will be as well as how long the color will stay on. If you really want your hair color to last, make sure to take a look at the labels and go for hair products that are specially formulated for colored hair.

wavy blonde hairshort-blonde-beach-hair


shiny blonde hair

  • Try going with “No ‘Poo” – the term ‘no poo’ simply means no shampoo and what it is is basically just not washing your hair everyday with shampoo. Doing this will prevent chemicals in the shampoo from stripping your hair of its natural oils but aside from that, it also makes your hair color last longer because the chemicals in shampoos can strip your hair of the dye as well.

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  • Go for a hair glaze – if you don’t mind spending a few more extra bucks on your hair, you can also try going for a hair glaze. Hair glazing can be done at the salon but there are also home hair glazing kits that you can try by yourself. If you want the latter, you can usually get them from beauty supply stores and drugstores. Be careful, do your research and follow instructions on the package to make sure you get the most out of what you paid for in that kit.

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  • Take cold showers– hot water is never okay to shower and bathe with so if it’s cold outside, make sure your water is warm and not hot, no matter how much better the latter feels. This summer, though, since it’s really warm outside, try taking a nice and refreshing cold shower instead. Hot and warm water makes your hair color get dull faster.

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  • Get shower filters installed – If you live in an area where you get hard water, you might also want to have some shower filters installed since the mineral deposits from your water can also help make you hair lose vibrance and shine faster.

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